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Connectivity with Ex protection by R. STAHL

One of the major principles of Ex 4.0 is to improve safety through connectivity. This is a major touch point where Industry 4.0 interfaces with process engineering. And this is why R. STAHL focuses on the integration of products and solutions. Ultimately, only the perfect integration of all networks, devices and protocols can guarantee the highest level of protection, improved efficiency and precision control.

And as Ex 4.0 connectivity solutions have the primary goal of meeting the requirements of the 21st century, you can not only connect them in many ways – they were designed as an integral part of Industry 4.0. Now is not only the time that you can check the status of your devices on-site at any time or monitor entire production floors from one connected flat screen display – you also will be able to keep everything under control simply by using an app on your smartphone. As safe as ever, control as never before.