Always stay cool:

With safety products that do likewise – even in rough environmental conditions


Our products and system solutions. They are often exposed to extreme heat. Here, only one thing matters:
100 % performance at all times. Even temperatures of up to +75 °C are no problem for R. STAHL solutions (e.g. for our terminal boxes 8150). And because sizzling heat mostly comes with very bright conditions, the displays of our products are specially coated. Digital displays therefore always remain razor sharp even in extreme lighting conditions.

Our products and solutions are often exposed to very low sub-zero ambient temperatures. In many regions in the world temperatures of –55 °C are not uncommon during winter months. No matter how cold it is many
R. STAHL products and solutions are tested and approved for use at very low sub-zero temperatures and turn these sub-zero areas into zero-risk zones. These products include, for example, our control boxes and earthing systems.

Water finds its way, too. But regardless of whether on the sea bed, on windblown offshore rigs, corrosive tanks in industrial plants or simply in hot, humid tropical climates: our Ex 4.0 products ensure that your project is completed safely. And thanks to extensive stress tests we guarantee not only perfect working order, but constant ease of use for our products even in the most humid of environments – e.g. our plug and socket devices and our luminaires.