Special & limited offer for Plugs and Sockets

Our deal for new customers*

Order five sockets now and get three plugs for free. Need just three?
Then order three sockets and get one plug for free.  Avail our special offer for the limited period from
Oct' 2016 until Jan' 2017.

R. STAHL. The name that is synonymous with quality and competence offers the best in class instrumentation and electrical explosion protected products for the supply, connection and distribution of electrical energy. Our products and solutions are IEC 60309 /NEC, ATEX certified and thus makes it suitable for installation globally.


The plugs and sockets which are a part of the installation and control product portfolio are specially designed to suit various industries like the oil and gas, chemicals, tank farms, fertilizers and others where there is a presence of hazardous environment.
The plugs and sockets can operate in a wide temperature ranging from -60°C degrees to + 55°C degrees which makes it suitable for  installation in all environmental conditions across the world.

USPs of Plugs and Sockets

  • New plugs are compatible with old wall sockets and new wall sockets are compatible with the old plugs
  • Very wide temperature ranges from -60°C to +55°C with gas group IIC
  • Can be optionally equipped with an auxiliary contact for control and signalling purposes (smart upgrade)
  • Big counter clutch with clear switch position announcement and integrated interlock, lockable
  • Deep-pulled case design – for an easy and quick connection of the lines by freely accessible connection clips
  • IP 66 protection

Series 8570

Series 8571

Series 8579

Series 8581

Ampere Rating

16 A

32 A

63 A

125 A

For installation in zones in

1, 2, 21, 22

The offer is applicable for:
Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and UK

*exclusive offer for first-time customers and customers who haven't ordered since January 1, 2015