Remote I/O in various process areas



  • In the reactor area, in solvent recovery and in the tank farm of a leading supplier of APIs
  • Digital signals are transmitted via Remote I/O and redundant Profibus DP
  • Other signals via Fieldbus FF H1 with Ex i field device couplers and redundant Fieldbus power supplies
  • Integration into Rockwell automation system
  • Installation in Zone 1 and 2

HMI Operator Control for API manufacturer



  • Complete HMI portfolio for all requirements in Ex areas
  • For clean rooms, areas for sugar coating, centrifuges & formulation processes
  • Individual machine control via 7“ widescreens
  • Panel PC ET-436 with 3rd party SCADA software & printing facility
  • 24” widescreens as a real KVM system (audit trail, CFR21) 

IS1+ system with integrated valve islands



  • Replacement of old, purely pneumatic solutions by IS1+ Remote I/O
  • Space-saving in a field station, integrated valve islands
  • Flexible modification or extension of the signals due to the modular design of IS1+
  • Comprehensive diagnostics via digital communication increase system availability
  • Installation in Zone 1

North America

Ruduced Installation effort



  • Remote I/O with integrated solenoid valve islands
  • Hot-swap of all modules in Division 1 permissible
  • Link to Allen Bradley PLC via EtherNet/IP
  • Control cabinet building by R. STAHL in USA
  • Substantial saving on conduit cabling through use of the Remote I/O system in Class 1 Div 1

Socket outlet assemblies for clean room



  • Solution made of electropolished stainless steel (1.4404) for application in clean rooms. Developed together with the customer.
  • Circumferential frame for tailor-made wall mounting
  • Enclosure with mounting rail for fitting to tiled walls
  • Switch with a large handle and auxiliary contact for controlling and signalling purposes


Modernization of an isolator installation as part of a DCS update



  • Replacement of an obsolete isolator installation in a very confined environment
  • Modern Remote I/O solution, installation in the control room
  • 50% space and cost savings compared to a conventional solution
  • Up to 960 discrete I/O and 480 analogue signals in one cabinet

Lighting system increases productivity



  • The existing luminaires in a chemical plant failed to deliver the recommended lighting intensity defined in standard DIN EN 12464-1 'Lighting of workplaces - workplaces in interior locations'
  • New lighting concept by R. STAHL
  • The linear luminaire satisfies the requirements for various different working areas
  • Good lighting enables production operations to run without malfunction, and labels are identified with a zero error rate
  • Good visibility of stairs and obstacles contributes to passive health & safety at work

Change to digital communication




  • Compact Remote I/O system with integrated valve islands
  • Comprehensive diagnostic functions help to optimize processes
  • Flexible standard design, optimized for Zone 2 and Zone 1
  • Integration in Emerson DeltaV automation system via Profibus DP