Remote I/O

Description Version
EDS for IS1+ 9441 EtherNet/IP 31-02-02 zip 6 KB
Event History Tool for IS1+ Eth CPU 9441 V4.0.0.12 zip 521 KB
FHX File for DeltaV with IS1+ 9440 CPM V2.34 zip 114 KB
Firmware Download Tool for IS1+ CPU 9440 04-08-2017 zip 1.8 MB
Firmware File MODBUS for IS1+ CPU 9440 V11-17 zip 55 KB
Firmware File PROFIBUS for IS1+ CPU 9440 V0x-50 zip 247 KB
Firmware File für IS1+ CPU 9442 - License Info Open Source Software pdf 603 KB
Firmware File für IS1+ CPU 9442 - Software V1.0.17-0002 zip 42.9 MB
GSD for IS1+ 9440 DPV0 Diagnose,Standard V2.34 zip 48 KB
GSD für IS1+ 9440 DPV1 Diagnose, PNO-Red V3.11 zip 42 KB
GSD für IS1+ 9442 DPV0 Diagnose V4.14 zip 46 KB
GSD für IS1+ 9442 DPV1 Diagnose V5.14 zip 59 KB
GSDML for IS1+ 9441 PROFINET 20140206 zip 33 KB
HART Mux DTMs for RS485 Bus V1.00.05.491 zip 9.8 MB
I.S.Wizard - IS1+ Config. and Diag. Tool V3.2.7 zip 29.2 MB
I.S.Wizard - IS1+ Config. and Diag. Tool V3.2.11 zip 29.3 MB
IS1+ Detect for 9442 V1.16 zip 7.5 MB
IS1+ Device/HART DTMs V3.0.12 zip 13.7 MB
IS1+ Device/HART DTMs V3.0.13 zip 13.8 MB
ReadMe IS1 GSD and Firmware Overview pdf 55 KB
Treiber für USB/RS232 Adapter V2.04.16 zip 836 KB
Description Product Variant Language

The best remote I/O system for hazardous areas The IS1+ system sets the gold standard for hazardous areas. Without complex Ex d or Ex p enclosures, modifications and expansion are possible during operation even in Zone 1. The versatile functions and applications make remote I / O solutions suitable for almost all applications in the process industry. The IS1+ system is the world's number one remote I/O system used in Zones 1 and 2 and Divisions 1 and 2 thanks to its international certification for explosion protection and shipping.

The IS1+ remote I/O system is the state-of-the-art, cost-saving interface solution and can be installed in any hazardous area in accordance with IEC, NEC and CEC. Supported by PROFIBUS DP, Modbus RTU and TCP, EtherNet/IP and PROFINET and thanks to HART transparency, the IS1+ system is compatible with virtually any automation system.

With the IS1+ remote I/O system, new multi-functional modules are available with analogue and digital inputs/outputs and for any temperature sensor. The innovative low-power design for temperatures of -40 to +75 °C make the system last significantly longer, with a service life of around 15 years. Comprehensive diagnostics provide early warnings of impending system failures, enabling high system availability. The IS1+ system is fully backwards compatible, making it easier to upgrade existing installations.
Includes three-year warranty.

  • Supported by various protocols from PROFIBUS DP to Ethernet for easy connection to any automation system
  • All modules can be plugged in in hazardous areas for easy expansion or modification
  • Extremely robust system design for use in even the harshest of environments

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