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KVM systems extend the keyboard, video and mouse interfaces of a workstation from the safe area to the industrial hazardous area. R. STAHL provides the HMI MANTA platform for the pharmaceutical, life-science and fine chemical industries, and the HMI SHARK platform for rough ambient conditions and the oil and gas industry. Our KVM DVI3 transmission unit supports all distributed control systems.

In HMI technology, KVM systems are ideal for operating a workstation from an on-site operator station. The KVM terminal communicates directly with the PC in the safe area via the KVM box. The KVM systems of the MANTA platform have been developed specially for the process industry and meet the universal and hygienic requirements for GMP areas. SHARK devices, available with screen sizes 15" and 21.5", have been designed for rough ambient conditions, are temperature-resistant (-40 °C to +65 °C) and weather-proof and can withstand the most adverse conditions.

  • KVM systems for the extension of digital video signals to up to 10 km with fibre optic and up to 150 m with CAT7
  • Future-proof HMI: update possibilities for future hardware platforms
  • Simple and safe connection to DVI or VGA and USB (plug-and-play)

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