Plugs 16 A Series 8575/12 (expired)

The CES plug and socket devices Series 8575 are 16 A versions for low voltages up to 50 V. An important safety criterion is the reliable load disconnect switch which is activated via a turn of the plug. Plugging in and unplugging is done easily and safely in 0 position. The plugs and sockets comply with IEC/EN 60309-1/-2 (CEE), IEC/EN 60079-0, IEC/EN 60079-1 and IEC/EN 60079-7. The ability to plug the Ex-plug in non-Ex-socketsis guaranteed, while operation of the Ex-socket using a non-Ex-plug is reliably prevented.

  • Switch socket / plug 16 A for low voltages up to 50 V
  • Minimal force required to insert and remove
  • With motor switching capacity AC-3 acc. to IEC 60947-3
  • Degree of protection IP54

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