Ex Automation VMS Software CCTV Qognify R. STAHL

Qognify Videomanagement System

Qognify VMS - Open and powerful architecture

In organisations where physical safety plays a major role, video is typically embedded in a system of diverse solutions and technologies.Its wide range of options for open, bi-directional interfaces and powerful expansion modules make Qognify VMS ideal for your security system - fulfilling even the most demanding requirements.

Ex Automation Qognify Videomanagement R. STAHL


Additional Highlights

Video analysis

Connecting video and business processes - video technology is more than just recording and displaying images - it can be used to actively support your operating processes. The Qognify VMS product range includes solutions tailored to meet the specific requirements of various industries, helping to make your processes more transparent and reducing costs as a result.


Cloud storage

Qognify VMS enables you to save your video recordings to the Cloud. Whether you need to quickly expand your memory or whether your company adheres to a strict "Cloud first" policy, Qognify Cloud offers the right solution for you.


Low overall operating cost

The design of a VMS has a major impact on the overall cost of physical security for an organisation. Qognify VMS' powerful recording components minimise the required hardware. Sophisticated management and surveillance tools mean efficient processes and roll-outs - even at thousands of sites.


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