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Shareholders Structure

Shareholders Structure

Shareholder structure as of Dec. 31, 2016

R. STAHL AG's largest shareholders are the founding families Stahl and Zaiser, who between them hold over 50% of the voting shares in R. STAHL AG.

In January 2015, R. STAHL AG sold the shares that it previously held (10% of the share capital) to RAG-Stiftung Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH, which has since held over 10% of shares in total.

Voting right notification in accordance with the German Securities Trading Law (WpHG)

Below, you will find an overview of the notifications, in accordance with WpHG, pertaining to voting shares in R. STAHL Aktiengesellschaft. 


06.11.2017Petra Schmid(Family member) more than 30%PDF
06.11.2017Jens-Holger Stahl(Family member) more than 30%PDF
06.11.2017Raban Ebert(Family member) more than 30%PDF


22.07.2016Baden-Württembergische Versorgungsanstalt für
Ärzte, Zahnärzte und Tierärzte
more than 3% and more than 5%PDF
06.07.2016Gabriele Swedan, Dr. Nadya Swedan, Mark Swedan(Family members) less than 3%PDF
18.01.2016Baden-Württembergische Versorgungsanstalt für Ärzte, Zahnärzte und Tierärzte0%PDF


14.10.2015Universal-Investment-Gesellschaft mbHmore than 3% and more than 5%PDF
20.08.2015RAG-Stiftungmore than 10%PDF
20.08.2015RAG-Stiftung Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbHmore than 10%PDF
17.07.2015Sebastian Stahl(Family member) more than 30%PDF
17.04.2015Arwed J. Ebert(Family member) more than 30%PDF
20.01.2015R. STAHL AGown shares 0%PDF
20.01.2015RAG-Stiftung Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbHmore than 5% and 10% reachedPDF
20.01.2015RAG-Stiftungmore than 5% and 10% reachedPDF


22.08.2014Norman Rentrop more than 3%PDF
14.07.2014Yvonne Stahl (Family member) 0%PDF
16.06.2014R. STAHL AG own shares10%PDF
für langfristige Investoren TGV
more than 3%PDF
03.04.2014Kilian Stahl(Family member) 0%PDF
30.01.2014Highclere International Investors Smaller
Companies Fund
less than 3%PDF
07.01.2014Mellinckrodt 1 SICAV-FIS less than 3%PDF


19.04.2013Anita Stahl(Family member)
more than 30%
04.03.2013Mellinckrodt 1 Sicav less than 5%PDF
01.02.2013Stefan Müller (Family member)
more than 30%
01.02.2013Michaela Pertz (Family member)
more than 30%
01.02.2013Christine Müller-Edwards (Family member)
more than 30%
01.02.2013Andreas Müller more than 5%PDF


21.11.2012LBBW Asset Management Investmentgesellschaft mbH  more than 5%PDF
21.11.2012Baden-Württembergische Versorgungsanstalt5%PDF
15.08.2012Mellinckrodt 1 Sicav more than 3%
and more than 5%
15.08.2012LRI Invest S.A.Voting rights announcementPDF
03.04.2012LRI Invest S.A. more than 5%PDF
08.03.2012ETHENEA Independent Investors S.A. less than 3%PDF
02.02.2012ETHENEA Independent Investors S.A. more than 3%PDF
27.01.2012Anke Linnartz (Family member) more than 30%PDF
02.01.2012LRI Invest S.A. more than 3%PDF

2011 - 2010

06.06.2011Jochen Stahl(Family member)
more than 30%
14.03.2011BW Versorgungsanstalt für
Aerzte + LBBW Asset Mgt
less than 3%PDF
10.02.2011HighclereChange in the legal structurePDF
11.01.2010R.-D. Zaiser, I. Schmid, K. Dörr-Zaiser, V. Zaiser(Family members)
less than 3%


02.12.2009Pablo Zinser(Family member) more than 30%PDF
30.09.2009Highcleremore than 3%PDF
29.07.2009Highcleremore than 3%PDF
04.05.2009Allianzless than 3%PDF
27.01.2009Axel Zaiser(Family member) less than 3%PDF


11.06.2008Helgard Hahn(Family member) 0%PDF
05.02.2008Allianzmore than 3%PDF