EN 62626-1 compliant load disconnectors with auxiliary contact for VFD shut-off

Load disconnect switches from R. STAHL for safe shut-off of directly powered motors and VFDs

Ex safety switches uncompromised protection R. STAHL

Extremely robust 8146/5-V37 and 8150/5-V37 series safety switches from R. STAHL do not just meet all requirements for class 1 safety switches according to IEC/EN 62626-1 – they go significantly beyond the standard. Their flexibility is the greatest user asset: unlike other products in this class, these safety switches can be used to safely shut off mains-powered motors as well as variable frequency drives. 

The main and auxiliary contacts are easy to operate via one and the same turning handle. The motor switching capacity of these safety switches complies with both the utilization categories AC-3 and AC-23 as well as DC-1 and DC-23 according to IEC/EN 60947-3. They facilitate motor shut-off even when used with variable frequency drives thanks to their 20 ms leading auxiliary contact.

Class 1 load disconnectors from R. STAHL are designed for use in harsh conditions and certified for use in zone 1, 21, and 2, 22 hazardous areas. The weather and corrosion-resistant products are extremely resistant against mechanical shocks and vibrations. They come with 3- or 6-wire switch contacts featuring flameproof encapsulation. GRP or stainless steel housings provide IP66 ingress protection. The standard ambient temperature range from -40 °C to +70 °C can be extended to -50 °C by using suitable cable glands.

R. STAHL provides safety switches for rated operating currents from 10 A to 180 A at voltages between 230 V and 690 V AC. In addition to the forced opening of the main contacts, a special safety mechanism after shut-off and a triple lock for the switch handle ensure maximum operating safety. Machine drives can therefore be stopped quickly and safely to facilitate cleaning procedures, repair operations, or other service work without a trained electrician.

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