“Ex 4.0“ – R. STAHL establishes new designation to identify state-of-the-art hazardous area solutions

“Ex 4.0” identifies a new generation of high-performance solutions and technologies

Ex 4.0 IoT R. STAHL

R. STAHL is introducing “Ex 4.0”, a new distinguishing label for state-of-the-art solutions in explosion protection that ensure maximum versatility of use. Designed for operation in almost all regions, “Ex 4.0” equipment can be integrated into diverse installations and networks. These components and systems provide superior efficiency, smart features, ensure comfortable handling and optimised maintenance. Much like the “Industry 4.0” and “Industrial Internet of Things” (IIoT) designations, “Ex 4.0” identifies a new generation of high-performance solutions and technologies, highlighting a comprehensive availability of process and diagnostic data from the field. This capability opens up new possibilities for complex analysis and smart responses, e.g. preventive maintenance. Highly flexible monitoring and operating options including location-independent operation via mobile devices or remote access are ensured.

However, “Ex 4.0” covers an even greater scope of features. Applied to a broad variety of different products – luminaires, isolators or remote I/O systems, control boxes, cameras or HMIs –, the label marks the presence of the full range of crucial qualities of future-oriented explosion-protected components. Notably, this means truly global suitability, made possible by the availability of services throughout the world, multiple regional certifications, support for diverse bus systems and communication standards, and an extremely robust mechanical design. Only products toughened for operation in extreme conditions, including severe cold, high humidity, aggressive saltwater-infused atmospheres, constant vibration and other harsh environmental influences, are awarded the “Ex 4.0” label. R. STAHL has been able to ensure that the entire portfolio meets these criteria without compromising safety and availability. All R. STAHL hazardous area technology has therefore earned the “Ex 4.0” designation.


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