“EXCovery” app: Ex markings easily explained

EXCovery provides instant access to information that can be crucial in the field

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The “EXCovery” app for mobile devices, developed by explosion protection expert R. STAHL and provided free of charge, explains the exact meaning behind ATEX and IECEx markings by providing a quick and instructive breakdown of the information encoded on the labels of explosion-protected electrical devices. Operators, electricians, and machine or system engineers can now simply consult their own smartphone or tablet computer to ascertain the exact conditions of use for ATEX- and IECEx-certified hazardous area equipment. The app analyses the portion of the marking specified according to the IEC 60079-0 standard, which is included in the certifications of both ATEX and IECEx devices.

After the short string of characters from the nameplate of an explosion-protected device is entered, EXCovery processes it and clearly displays the marking’s dust or gas atmosphere designation, the device’s ignition protection type, gas group and temperature class if applicable, and equipment protection level. In addition to decoding specific certifications, the app also serves as a repository for reference information.

EXCovery provides instant access to information that can be crucial in the field, e.g. guidance on what to observe when dealing with certification markings, and a wealth of other fundamental explosion protection know-how, e.g. on key terms or the zone concept. All special characters used in markings are available in an extra on-screen pane for very quick and comfortable input of certification strings. The EXCovery app is now available for Android and iPhone and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and iOS app store.


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