ISbus DIAG app takes FF H1 diagnostics to your smartphone

Easy-to-use Android app enables fast analysis of FF H1 physical layer

Ex Diagnose App Fieldbus R. STAHL

R. STAHL introduces a new app that turns Android Smartphones into mobile diagnostic devices for the physical layer parameters of a Foundation Fieldbus H1 network. The app is available free of charge in the Google Play Store. Physical layer properties of a fieldbus segment can be viewed and analysed on a mobile phone, provided that segment uses a series 9412 power supply from R. STAHL's ISbus portfolio.

These fieldbus power supplies feature built-in diagnostic functions to provide information about supply voltage and current, signal level, noise, jitter or shielding shorts (unbalance), so there is no need for any additional dedicated diagnostic devices. In the event of a fault, these parameters and the responsible fieldbus node are reported with a short fault description. To use these functions, an Android mobile device with the ISbus DIAG app is simply connected to a 9412 through a connection cable available as an accessory. The app then requires no further input – physical layer data for the corresponding segment is immediately displayed. By keeping the diagnostics device off the fieldbus itself, the ISbus power supply also ensures there are no negative effects, which could otherwise occur due to bouncing or short circuits if a standard handheld unit were connected to the bus. Since ISbus DIAG is a read-only application, users cannot modify fieldbus settings or the configuration of connected devices.

If more than quick checks and troubleshooting on the spot are required, ISbus fieldbus power supplies also support significantly more complex diagnostic options. These include proactive monitoring of the physical layer with an adjustable warning threshold, LED and relay signalling (series 9412 / *-320-*), and even a powerful online diagnostic system based on an additional device, the DCM 9415 (diagnosis communication modules). The playlist "R. STAHL scalable fieldbus solutions" available in the R. STAHL GROUP YouTube channel showcases the broad range of versatile options.

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