LED linear luminaires for zone 1 with gas group IIC

EXLUX 6002 luminaires meet the requirements for use in areas with highly flammable gases and fumes

Ex linear luminaires zone 1 with gas group IIC R. STAHL

R.STAHL now offers energy-efficient LED linear luminaires for zone 1 in hazardous areas with gases and vapours of all types – even in environments with highly combustible substances of gas group IIC. The latest generation EXLUX 6002 luminaires protect the LED component from an ingress of the ambient atmosphere through a particularly reliable encapsulation, without compromising its high luminosity. The new devices produce a luminous flux on par with two conventional 36 W fluorescent tubes, but using 30% less power. Their optimised electronics also offers a wide-range input, which allows users to operate them with various supply voltages around the world. In addition to the IECEx certification, local certifications for Russia, India and Brazil have been obtained. All electronic components are mounted on the reflector plate, which can be very quickly replaced for maintenance if required.

This enables a compact design that ensures a highly robust product: the slim, low-profile GRP housings are impact-resistant according to IK10 and feature IP66/67 ingress protection. Furthermore, with a weight of less than 6.6 kg, an EXLUX 6002 is at least one third lighter than comparable competitive products of the same class. These LED lighting products are also suitable for retrofitting conventional linear luminaires with fluorescent tubes.

The new series is fully compatible with the EXLUX 6001 and its mounting accessories. The next-generation EXLUX 6002 is available in two performance classes and can be used at environmental temperatures ranging from -30 °C to +60 °C. In addition to ceiling installation, the lights are suitable for use as pendant lights or for pole mounting within buildings as well as outside. As a standard, the lamps come with five-wire through-wiring and a 5 x 4 mm² terminal block to enable easy connection with commonly available installation cables.

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