Maintenance-free compact Ex de UPS with capacitors for energy storage

Keeps on running: battery-less UPS solution for hazardous areas

Ex maintenance-free ups R. STAHL

R. STAHL takes a new direction in the field of explosion-proof Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) solutions for zones 1/21 and 2/22. The 8265/C-TEC line provides backup power from capacitors mounted directly on the PCB. Unlike standard solutions, these new UPS systems require no accumulator batteries, which makes the emission of dangerous gases technically impossible. Since the capacitors can be charged very quickly, the systems are ready for operation within minutes. They can be connected to PCs running a shutdown software via a USB port. The combination of flameproof main enclosures with Ex d ignition protection and Ex e-protected enclosures as connection chambers ensures a very compact and user-friendly design. Compliant with ATEX and IECEx, R. STAHL’s Ex de technology is completely certified: in addition to excellent safety, this also enables users to easily connect the UPS units and allows for immediate smooth operation.

The robust solutions withstand even very harsh conditions. They tolerate an extremely wide ambient temperature range between -50 °C and +55 °C (optional extension, standard range is -20 °C to +40 °C). This makes it possible to operate them without restrictions virtually anywhere between the Arctic Ocean and the equatorial region. Even at high temperatures, the 100% maintenance-free systems reach a service life of 20 years. Made from seawater-proof aluminium, the flameproof enclosures can be powder-coated if required, ensuring long-lasting protection especially in rugged maritime climates with moist and salty air. In addition to ship approvals, the UPS units feature many country-specific enclosure certificates for major markets. R. STAHL’s versatile UPS portfolio enables users to specify individual systems ranging from compact to high-performance models. By request, the expert for explosion protection systems also provides extensive engineering support in order to identify savings potentials already in the early planning stages.


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