R. STAHL introduces corrosion-resistant ‘Yodalex Super Series’ beacon, horn, and combination units

Raising the alarm in extreme conditions and hazardous areas

Ex Yodalex Super Series R. STAHL

R. STAHL’s new ‘Yodalex Super Series’ comprises a suite of signalling devices designed for use in hazardous areas and harsh environments. The units are equipped with a lightweight GRP “ex d” flameproof enclosure which provides a strong, robust and safe housing designed to withstand the environmental demands of extreme temperatures and sealed against water and dust ingress according to IP66 and IP67. The Super Series is ATEX and IECEx-approved for use in zones 1, 2, 21 and 22 for gas and dust atmospheres. Global onshore and maritime approvals, such as GL, CUTR, Inmetro, and Peso will follow shortly, enabling operation across many industries throughout the world.

The omnidirectional horn featured on the YL6S and YA6S units has a maximum sound output of 110 dB at one meter. Its patented product design, unique to the Yodalex range, disperses sound radially outwards, providing excellent sound coverage, which ensures maximum safety within the designated area. A further feature of the sounder is that the user can control the release of a sound tone over three individual stages, allowing a system for managing test and real time emergency procedures. The user can individually select the tone for each alarm stage from 32 internationally recognised frequencies. The FL6S beacon is fitted with a 5 Joule Xenon strobe. When used in conjunction with the new lens designed specifically for the Super Series, it produces a 49 effective candela flash at a rate of 1 Hz. Whether used individually or as part of the combination unit, the beacon is available with a choice of seven different lens colours including magenta. The YL6S combines all of the features present in both the YA6S and FL6S, housed within a single enclosure. This unique, light-weight and cost-effective design reduces the amount of field cables and installation time compared to individual devices. The units are suitable for an extremely wide operational temperature range of -55…+70 °C. With voltage options starting at 24 V DC, R. STAHL also provides variants suitable for 48 V DC and 115 or 230 V AC power supplies. All mechanical fixings including the lens guard are manufactured from 316/V4A stainless steel, ensuring optimal resistance to salt water in coastal, offshore or marine applications. The release of the Super Series completes the new line of GRP signalling equipment offered by R. STAHL that also includes the YA90 directional sounder, the MCP manual interface, and the FX15 beacon. Together, these robust products provide customers with the complete range of audible and visual signalling as well as manual interface equipment for ATEX and IECEx hazardous zones 1, 2, 21 and 22 in extreme and aggressive environments.

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