R. STAHL provides an Ex p solution for printers

Printout thanks to overpressure

Ex p printer labels enclosure R. STAHL

In order to facilitate quick printing of labels in hazardous areas, R. STAHL realizes solutions with industrial printers installed in pressurized enclosures (Ex p). So now users can print labels in hazardous areas without any problems. These labels can either be collected or removed at once through a door, without the printer being turned off. The enclosure can furthermore be equipped with a pull-out or rotatable floor – according to customer's wishes.

Type of protection Ex p is achieved by purging potentially explosive gases from a closed enclosure and then generating and maintaining a pressure inside the enclosure that is higher than the pressure of the surrounding atmosphere. Due to the higher pressure inside the enclosure, compared to the surrounding atmosphere, explosive gases can not get inside the enclosure at any time. This is achieved by a correct combination of purge gas flow, enclosure dimensions and size of the door. So a hazard-free area is created in the enclosure around the built-in industrial printer, which is an electrical and thermal ignition source. Thanks to this type of protection it is not compulsory to limit the energy requirement of the printer or to observe other aspects that are important for explosion protection.

This Ex p enclosure furthermore offers advantages in regard to user-friendliness: For example, windows may be inserted without difficulty. They allow an especially good view on the display of the printer within the cabinet. Another benefit is the variable enclosure dimensions of this solution, which enable the use of larger printers or larger labels.

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