Switch endlessly in Zone 1

First electronic relay module for wear-free switching in Zone 1

Ex endless switching in zone 1 R. STAHL

With the new electronic relay module 9174, R. STAHL is bringing a relay on the market for use in hazardous areas of Zone 1. It is suitable for an almost unlimited number of switch cycles. The contact surface wear & tear that appears on electromechanical relays resulting in device failure in the long term is completely eliminated with the new relay module‚Äôs electronic switching principle. Regular replacement procedures, which usually involve a considerable amount of time and expenditure in hazardous areas, are also unnecessary.

The relay module is actuated by means of an intrinsically safe signal (Ex i) and is able to switch Ex e loads. Therefore, the device is an ideal addition to remote I/O systems. Intrinsically safe binary output modules of the remote I/O system can also be used in combination with the electronic relay module for applications that have very frequent switching operations for Ex e loads.

Today, if a system uses mainly Ex i signals and only a few Ex e signals, for example solenoid valves, separate Ex i and Ex e cables have to be laid. The relay modules installed on-site convert the Ex i signal into an Ex e signal and hence avoid the Ex e signal cable. Its compact design with a width of just 12 mm, the electronic relay occupies only a small space on the DIN rail and can also be easily integrated into small-sized Ex-protected enclosures.


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