Digital nameplate: Digital (data) twin for Industry 4.0

The digital nameplate will pave the way for networked product management at Industry 4.0 level

Ex News Digital Nameplate R. STAHL

As a pioneer of innovation in the explosion protection sector, R. STAHL is playing an exciting role in shaping the digitalisation process of Industry 4.0 and has recently joined the Industrial Digital Twin Association e.V. (IDTA). Within the IDTA, leading industrial companies and associations work on the open and interoperable continued development of the Asset Administration Shell (AAS) to provide a digital twin for implementing Industry 4.0. As an IDTA member, R. STAHL will bring its key expertise in explosion protection to the table, helping to design the required technical specifications for digital plant management in the process industry, among other projects.

One important step towards achieving manufacturer-independent digitalisation of the asset administration shell is the digital nameplates project, driven by R. STAHL, in combination with DIN SPEC 91406. This aims to make all relevant product information available and traceable across the entire service life in a standardised form. This labelling system is the enabler to create a digital product passport for each component, which provides all the information at a glance at every stage – from manufacturing to delivery, mounting and installation, and finally to disassembly and recycling; this optimises the flow of information between the different partners involved in the value-added chain.

Products with administration shells simplify the work involved in engineering, planning, commissioning and operating a system. This leads to shorter development times for machine and plant builders, as well as providing system operators with complete transparency regarding the installed products, their manufacturing and commissioning processes, maintenance cycles, firmware updates, and spare parts management. In order to illustrate the benefits of Industry 4.0 products with administration shells, R. STAHL developed an online demonstration, which shows the contents of administration shells for selected products and simulate key applications in the field. Plans for the future also include the introduction of the first digital nameplates.

Here you will find further information on the digital nameplate!


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