Double-sided escape route luminaires for Zone 1

Escape route sign luminaires in various versions with a mains connection or integrated battery

Ex two-way visible emergency exit sign R. STAHL

The leading specialist in explosion protection, R. STAHL, introduces a new LED luminaire for escape path marker signs that is suitable for Zone 1/21. It is also offering different explosion protected model variants in a sleek and compact GRP enclosure. The sign is attached to a suspended panel, making it easily visible from both sides of an escape route from a distance of 30 m, and thus, eliminates the need for installation of a second luminaire in passageways. This means that the standard-compliant procurement and operating costs for emergency lighting in hazardous areas can be significantly reduced.

As an additional option, the luminaires are also available with an address module for a fail-safe emergency power supply using a central battery. Customers can also get the luminaires with a DALI interface for network integration. As an alternative to the Series 6102 models fitted with a wide range input of 110 to 240 V, R. STAHL offers Series 6109 battery-powered systems with an emergency runtime of 90 or 180 minutes.

For both series, through additional optics, special light distribution systems can be implemented for escape route and door area lighting. With a power consumption of 10 W, a luminous flux of 740 lm is achieved with a luminous efficacy of 74 lm/W without a diffusor. The long-lasting escape route sign luminaires, is designed to last 50,000 operating hours, approved for a temperature range between -40 °C and +60 °C and offer flexible assembly options for wall and ceiling installation as well as for chain suspension. The compact enclosure dimensions with a height of only 100 mm make the fixture ideal for low passage and ceiling heights, and for easy integration into machines and systems.


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