Explosion-protected Ethernet with Remote I/O IS1+

The IS1+ Remote I/O system allows Ethernet communication in hazardous areas via PROFINET, Modbus TCP and EnterNet/IP.

Ex ethernet remote io profinet R. STAHL

R. STAHL, the explosion protection expert, forcefully drives the realisation of an explosion-protected field Ethernet. The IS1+ Remote I/O system already allows Ethernet communication in hazardous areas via PROFINET, Modbus TCP and EnterNet/IP. Optical cables with transmission rates of 100 Mbit/s are used for fast, explosion-protected data transmission in Zone 1. The fibre optic, which can cross distances of up to 30 km depending on the optical fibre used, has type of protection "inherently safe" according to DIN EN 60079-28. Along the lines of intrinsic safety "i", this type of protection ensures that potentially ignitable optical energy is limited to a non-ignitable level even under error conditions. For Zone 2 and distances of up to 100 m, the more affordable CAT 5 copper cables with type of protection "ec" can also be used.

Even in explosive atmospheres all modules can be exchanged during operations ("hot swapping"), and IS1+ stations can always be easily expanded without disconnection. For the connection of field devices in Zone 0, 1 or 2, R. STAHL has a comprehensive range of I/O modules of series IS1+ with up to 16 channels that are available with intrinsically safe, non-intrinsically safe and even pneumatic interfaces.

With PROFINET connection and comprehensive diagnosis functions, IS1+ is ideally suited for predictive maintenance concepts as well as for the implementation in plant asset management systems. As a development driver, R. STAHL is promoting the establishment of technology standards for the inherently safe Ethernet connection into the field and actively participates both in the APL project as well as the "Intrinsically Safe IEEE 100BASE-TX Working Group".


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