Online learning modules on the basic principles of explosion protection

Refresh your knowledge, prepare for seminars, learn at your own pace

Ex online learning modules R. STAHL

R. STAHL is now offering four new online courses on the basic principles of explosion protection, appliances for use in hazardous areas, maintenance and inspection, and preventive explosion protection as part of its diverse range of professional development and training courses. These interactive e-learning modules can provide a valuable addition to attending classroom style seminars or educational conferences at your own pace. The courses are designed to provide you with preparatory material for your upcoming presentations or seminars, update you with the latest trends, technology and scientific development in the industry. They are also highly-recommended if you are looking or refresh your knowledge after a long period of time. Experts from R. STAHL understand your need for on-demand courses. Hence, the courses are available at your convenience of time, location and learning pace. 45 minutes of intense focus or relaxed weekly learning is your choice.

Every e-learning module contains exercises along with an integrated test which can be completed with a certificate of participation. In addition, you receive study resources and assets which include research, case studies, and excerpts from standards that offer additional value. The courses have been designed by well-known specialist author Dr.-Ing. Berthold Dyrba, and will be provided and maintained by Wolters Kluwer publishing house. One licence costs no more than EUR 69 for a single user and allows repeated individual use of the online course if required. R. STAHL also uses these high-quality e-learning modules for in-house learning and development of its own employees.

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