R. STAHL expands its range of slim Ex i isolators

Using pac-Bus, ISpac isolators can be snapped onto the DIN rail in a way that is easy and saves space

Ex intrinsic safety products barriers ISpac R. STAHL

Explosion protection expert R. STAHL is increasingly expanding its range of intrinsically safe ISpac isolators. The latest module of the slim, continuously expanded ISpac isolator range that R. STAHL has now introduced is the 9282 temperature transmitter. The signal converter converts Ex i signals of thermocouples and resistance temperature detectors into 0/4 … 20 mA standard signals. The new devices can be operated in Zone 2 and for functional safety applications according to SIL 2. The ambient temperature ranges from -40°C to 70°C, making its application versatile and suitable for field installations in harsh climatic conditions. Furthermore, the 9282 temperature transmitters have been designed to be more energy efficient leading up to 40% savings in energy consumption while emitting less heat.

The entire isolator range for 1- and 2-channel signal transmission is available in a compact design. The slim switching repeaters, transmitter supply units and binary outputs enable an especially high signal density in an installation space that is approximately 30% smaller, thus making it an exceptionally flexible and reliable solution for safe operation of field devices in hazardous environment.

Additionally, the ISpac modules that are globally certified for Zone 1 and 2, including NEC Class 1 and Division 2, fulfil the functional safety criteria according to SIL 2 or SIL 3. Tested operating periods from over 10 to 15 years guarantees availability for the long term as well as a high standard of reliability. All modules can be mounted directly on the DIN rail, snapped onto the pac-Bus and combined across all models to make them future-proof. The pac-Bus obviates the need for individual wiring, supplies up to 40 modules with auxiliary power and when combined together with the 9193 series supply module, it provides a collective fault signaling solution that is useful for overall diagnostic purposes.


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