Fibre Optics Fieldbus Isolating Repeater Series 9186 (discontinued)

The 9186 series FO fieldbus isolating repeater transmits PROFIBUS DP and Modbus RTU signals over distances of up to 2 km as part of redundant fibre optic network structures. Standard plug connectors can be connected to the inherently safe optical interfaces (Ex op is). The diagnostic functions detect critical signal conditions early and report them to the control room.

  • For redundant FO network structures (PROFIBUS DP, Modbus RTU) in Zone 1 hazardous areas
  • "Ex op is" interface and intrinsically safe bus connection (RS-485 IS) make for easy installation and maintenance
  • Diagnostic function for early error detection and signalling

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Art. No.: 160623 Product Type: 9186/12-11-11
Protocols: HART, Modbus, PROFIBUS DP, ServiceBus R.STAHL (IS1)
Network structure: line, point-to-point redundant, ring
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