Cable entry Series 8175

The type 8175/...-..-..-..-.. cable entry is used for the electrical connection of equipment in explosive gas and dust atmosphere. This connection can be established between flameproof enclosures or within a flameproof enclosure with external electric circuits. They are designed to be flameproof and installed in a flameproof enclosure, they form a flameproof and explosion-protected terminal connection point.

  • For use in Zones 1 2, 21, 22
  • Plugs and sockets configurable
  • Degree of protection IP 65
  • Versions:
  • plug-in
  • screw-on

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Rated operational voltage AC
Min. conductor cross-section
Min. conductor cross-section2
Conductor quantity
Conductor quantity 2

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Cable entry Series 8175

Art. No.: 140273 Product Type: 8175/
Rated operational voltage AC: 1100.00 V
Product Description: Conductor bushing According to the order
Conductor cross-section min.: 70.00 mm²
Conductor cross-section min. 2: 0.20 mm²
Number of cores: 1
Number of cores 2: 16
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