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Emergency Light Fitting for Fluorescent Lamps ECOLUX Series 6608/3

The 6608/3 series ECOLUX Economy emergency luminaire is suitable for use as safety lighting in accordance with EN 60598. The battery in the luminaire's enclosure powers the emergency lighting for 1.5 hours. Inside the ballast are emergency light electronics. This Ex luminaire conducts a weekly function test and annual emergency light duration test. It is lightweight yet extremely robust and requires minimal maintenance.

  • Can be used in Ex Zones 2 and 22
  • Two fluorescent lamps: 18 W and 36 W
  • Enclosure made from glass-fibre-reinforced polyester resin, translucent cover made from impact-resistant polycarbonate


Description Document Type Language
Emergency Light Fitting for Fluorescent Lamps ECOLUX Series 6608/ ... Data Sheet
pdf 665 KB
Emergency Light Fitting for Fluorescent Lamps ECOLUX Series 6608/ ... Data Sheet
pdf 216 KB
Emergency Light Fitting for Fluorescent Lamps ECOLUX Series 6608/ ... Data Sheet
pdf 663 KB
Emergency Light Fitting for Fluorescent Lamps ECOLUX Series 6608/ ... Data Sheet
pdf 215 KB
Scope Certificate number Certification body Kind of document Product Variant Language
ATEX PTB09ATEX2015X PTB Ex Certificate 6608
pdf 394 KB
CHN CNEX170460X CQST Ex Certificate 6608
pdf 887 KB
EAC TS_RU_S-DEGB04B00355 STV Ex Certificate 6608A 6608
pdf 1.5 MB
IECEX IECEXPTB090031X PTB Ex Certificate 6608
pdf 32 KB
Description Product Variant Language
0000000000000006608605300_001_02.pdf 6608
pdf 4.4 MB
0000000000000006008614300_001_00.pdf 6608A 6009 6608 6008 6018 6108 6118 6408 6409 6418 6508 6518
pdf 86 KB
6608_3-18W.DXF dxf 33 KB
6608_3-18W.EPRT EPRT 36 KB
6608_3-18W.IGS txt 1.2 MB
6608_3-18W.STEP ifc 486 KB
6608_3-18W.PDF pdf 45 KB
6608_3-36W.DXF dxf 64 KB
6608_3-36W.EPRT EPRT 35 KB
6608_3-36W.IGS txt 1.3 MB
6608_3-36W.STEP ifc 518 KB
6608_3-36W.PDF pdf 202 KB
202377_6608322-8010-5248-2194.ies ies 2 KB
202377_6608322-8010-5248-2194.ldt ldt 2 KB
202377_6608322-8010-5248-2200.ies ies 3 KB
202377_6608322-8010-5248-2200.ldt ldt 3 KB
202377_6608322-8010-5248.uld uld 624 KB
202378_6608342-8010-5248-2224.ies ies 2 KB
202378_6608342-8010-5248-2224.ldt ldt 2 KB
202378_6608342-8010-5248-2230.ies ies 3 KB
202378_6608342-8010-5248-2230.ldt ldt 3 KB
202378_6608342-8010-5248.uld uld 615 KB

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