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Pendant Light Fitting Series 6050/1 , 6050/3

A variety of lamp types and power outputs, as well as additional reflectors, make the 6050 series pendant light fitting a versatile choice. A seawater-resistant cast aluminium enclosure is available for use in marine environments. There is also the option to add a highly resistant coating. The ultra safe integrated terminal box takes all the hard work out of connecting the electrics of the pendant light, which is housed in a flame-proof enclosure.

  • Low maintenance and long service life with gas discharge lamps
  • Suspended by means of ring bolts or pivoting mounting brackets
  • Ex Zones 1, 2, 21 and 22
  • Size 1 has IP68 level of protection (10 m)


Description Document Type Language
Pendant Light Fittings Series 6050 Data Sheet
pdf 995 KB
Pendant Light Fittings Series 6050 Data Sheet
pdf 997 KB
Scope Certificate number Certification body Kind of document Product Variant Language
ATEX PTB03ATEX1096 PTB Ex Certificate 6050
pdf 721 KB
ATEX 6050602020 PTB EC Declaration of Conformity 6050
pdf 260 KB
ATEX PTB11ATEX1045 PTB Ex Certificate 6050
pdf 2.9 MB
ATEX 6050601020 PTB EC Declaration of Conformity 6050
pdf 283 KB
CHN CNEX141896 CQST Ex Certificate 6050
pdf 1.6 MB
CHN CNEX142179 CQST Ex Certificate 6050
pdf 669 KB
EAC TS_RU_S-DEGB04B00426 STV Ex Certificate 6050
pdf 1.9 MB
EAC TS_RU_S-DEGB04B00430 STV Ex Certificate 6050
pdf 1.2 MB
IECEX IECEXPTB060049X PTB Ex Certificate 6050
pdf 229 KB
IECEX IECEXPTB120017 PTB Ex Certificate 6050
pdf 81 KB
MARITIM 1340018250 RS Ship certificate 6050
pdf 452 KB
UKR 829 TCCExEE Ex Certificate 6470 6050
pdf 1.1 MB
Description Product Variant Language
0000000000000006050606300_001_08.pdf 6050
pdf 1.6 MB
0000000000000006050609300_001_08.pdf 6050
pdf 1.7 MB
0000000000000006050610300_001_08.pdf 6050
pdf 1.6 MB
0000000000000006050611300_001_01.pdf 6050
pdf 1.9 MB
0000000000000006050613300_001_01.pdf 6050
pdf 1.3 MB
0000000000000006050614300_001_01.pdf 6050
pdf 1.4 MB
0000000000000006050601300_001_08.pdf 6050
pdf 2.5 MB
0000000000000006050616300_001_00.pdf 6050
pdf 1.0 MB
0000000000000006050617300_001_00.pdf 6050
pdf 1.0 MB
0000000000000006050620300_001_01.pdf 6050
pdf 843 KB
6050-1.DXF dxf 83 KB
6050-1.EPRT EPRT 182 KB
6050-1.STEP ifc 504 KB
Bracket_size_1.DXF dxf 10 KB
Bracket_size_1.EPRT EPRT 12 KB
Bracket_size_1.STEP ifc 91 KB
Reflector_size_1.DXF dxf 22 KB
Reflector_size_1.EPRT EPRT 141 KB
Reflector_size_1.STEP ifc 257 KB
Ring_bolt_M8.DXF dxf 21 KB
Ring_bolt_M8.EPRT EPRT 109 KB
Ring_bolt_M8.STEP ifc 233 KB
Wire_guard_size_1.DXF dxf 161 KB
Wire_guard_size_1.EPRT EPRT 174 KB
Wire_guard_size_1.STEP ifc 195 KB
6050-1.PDF pdf 699 KB
Bracket_size_1.PDF pdf 30 KB
Reflector_size_1.PDF pdf 564 KB
Ring_bolt_M8.PDF pdf 438 KB
Wire_guard_size_1.PDF pdf 669 KB
6050-3.DXF dxf 49 KB
6050-3.EPRT EPRT 276 KB
6050-3.STEP ifc 1.1 MB
Bracket_size_3.DXF dxf 10 KB
Bracket_size_3.EPRT EPRT 10 KB
Reflector_size_3.DXF dxf 85 KB
Reflector_size_3.EPRT EPRT 165 KB
Ring_bolt_M10.DXF dxf 24 KB
Ring_bolt_M10.EPRT EPRT 125 KB
Ring_bolt_M10.STEP ifc 198 KB
Wire_guard_size_3.DXF dxf 171 KB
Wire_guard_size_3.EPRT EPRT 237 KB
6050-3.PDF pdf 1.1 MB
Bracket_size_3.PDF pdf 29 KB
Reflector_size_3.PDF pdf 730 KB
Ring_bolt_M10.PDF pdf 560 KB
Wire_guard_size_3.PDF pdf 901 KB
6050-5_LED.DXF dxf 85 KB
6050-5_LED.EPRT EPRT 106 KB
6050-5_LED.IGS txt 1.1 MB
6050-5_LED.STEP ifc 415 KB
Wire_guard_size_LED.DXF dxf 136 KB
Wire_guard_size_LED.EPRT EPRT 143 KB
Wire_guard_size_LED.IGS txt 539 KB
Wire_guard_size_LED.STEP ifc 161 KB
6050-5_LED.PDF pdf 401 KB
Wire_guard_size_LED.PDF pdf 546 KB
218058_60501111-21511-000-1-1816.ies ies 1 KB
218058_60501111-21511-000-1-1816.ldt ldt 1 KB
218058_60501111-21511-000-1-R-1826.ies ies 1 KB
218058_60501111-21511-000-1-R-1826.ldt ldt 1 KB
218058_60501111-21511-000-1-R.uld uld 1.2 MB
218058_60501111-21511-000-1.uld uld 1.2 MB
218059_60501111-30711-000-1-549.ies ies 1 KB
218059_60501111-30711-000-1-549.ldt ldt 1 KB
218059_60501111-30711-000-1-R-1800.ies ies 1 KB
218059_60501111-30711-000-1-R-1800.ldt ldt 1 KB
218059_60501111-30711-000-1-R.uld uld 1.2 MB
218059_60501111-30711-000-1.uld uld 1.2 MB
218060_60503111-22521-000-1-814.ies ies 1 KB
218060_60503111-22521-000-1-814.ldt ldt 1 KB
218060_60503111-22521-000-1-R-796.ies ies 1 KB
218060_60503111-22521-000-1-R-796.ldt ldt 1 KB
218060_60503111-22521-000-1-R.uld uld 1.1 MB
218060_60503111-22521-000-1.uld uld 1.1 MB
218371_60503111-34021-000-1-835.ies ies 1 KB
218371_60503111-34021-000-1-835.ldt ldt 1 KB
218371_60503111-34021-000-1-R-825.ies ies 1 KB
218371_60503111-34021-000-1-R-825.ldt ldt 1 KB
218371_60503111-34021-000-1-R.uld uld 1.1 MB
218371_60503111-34021-000-1.uld uld 1.1 MB
219084_60501121-20711-100-1-3113.ies ies 1 KB
219084_60501121-20711-100-1-3113.ldt ldt 1 KB
219084_60501121-20711-100-1-R-3123.ies ies 1 KB
219084_60501121-20711-100-1-R-3123.ldt ldt 1 KB
219084_60501121-20711-100-1-R.uld uld 1.2 MB
219084_60501121-20711-100-1.uld uld 1.2 MB
221910_60501111-30511-000-1-2302.ies ies 1 KB
221910_60501111-30511-000-1-2302.ldt ldt 1 KB
221910_60501111-30511-000-1-R-2314.ies ies 1 KB
221910_60501111-30511-000-1-R-2314.ldt ldt 1 KB
221910_60501111-30511-000-1-R.uld uld 1.2 MB
221910_60501111-30511-000-1.uld uld 1.2 MB
218557_60505111-01061-10000-11-1783.ies ies 1 KB
218557_60505111-01061-10000-11-1783.ldt ldt 1 KB
218557_60505111-01061-10000-11-R-1888.ies ies 1 KB
218557_60505111-01061-10000-11-R-1888.ldt ldt 1 KB
218557_60505111-01061-10000-11-R.uld uld 1.3 MB
218557_60505111-01061-10000-11.uld uld 1.3 MB
218558_60505111-01061-11000-11-1862.ies ies 1 KB
218558_60505111-01061-11000-11-1862.ldt ldt 1 KB
218558_60505111-01061-11000-11-R-1903.ies ies 1 KB
218558_60505111-01061-11000-11-R-1903.ldt ldt 1 KB
218558_60505111-01061-11000-11-R.uld uld 1.3 MB
218558_60505111-01061-11000-11.uld uld 1.3 MB

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