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Tubular Light Fitting with LED Series 6036

The 6036 series compact LED tubular light fitting is ideal for general lighting applications and for use as machine lighting, even in relatively inaccessible places with very little space. This light boasts a long service life of up to 100,000 hours thanks to its use of energy-efficient LED technology, coupled with electronics that have been developed in-house by R. STAHL. Due to its robust construction, it can withstand extreme temperatures of between -55 °C and +60 °C.

  • Degree of protection IP66 and IP68
  • Type of protection Ex d
  • Vibration-resistant, lightweight, robust (impact strength rating of IK10) and maintenance-free
  • Many light fittings can be connected to single miniature circuit breaker due to incredibly low start-up current


Description Document Type Language
Tubular Light Fitting with LED Series 6036 Data Sheet
pdf 261 KB
Tubular Light Fitting with LED Series 6036 Data Sheet
pdf 260 KB
Scope Certificate number Certification body Kind of document Product Variant Language
ATEX EPS13ATEX1597 BVIS Ex Certificate 6036
pdf 1.4 MB
ATEX 603660020010 EU Declaration of Conformity 6036
pdf 287 KB
BRA ULBR150810 ULB Ex Certificate 6036
pdf 1.2 MB
EAC TS_RU_S-DEGB04B00162 STV Ex Certificate 6036
pdf 1.4 MB
IECEX IECEXEPS130027 BVIS Ex Certificate 6036
pdf 325 KB
KOR 17KA4BO0450 KTL Ex Certificate 6036
pdf 514 KB
KOR 17KA4BO0539 KTL Ex Certificate 6036
pdf 511 KB
KOR 17KA4BO0540 KTL Ex Certificate 6036
pdf 503 KB
KOR 17KA4BO0541 KTL Ex Certificate 6036
pdf 509 KB
KOR 17KA4BO0542 KTL Ex Certificate 6036
pdf 505 KB
KOR 17KA4BO0544 KTL Ex Certificate 6036
pdf 507 KB
KOR 17KA4BO0543 KTL Ex Certificate 6036
pdf 510 KB
KOR 17KA4BO0451 KTL Ex Certificate 6036
pdf 509 KB
MARITIM 1455215HH GL Ship certificate 6036
pdf 187 KB
TWN ISTI20170700057 ISTI Ex Certificate 6036
pdf 109 KB
Description Product Variant Language
0000000000000603660300010_001_07.pdf 6036
pdf 553 KB
0000000000000603660300030_001_07.pdf 6036
pdf 281 KB
0000000000000603660300040_001_07.pdf 6036
pdf 270 KB
0000000000000603660300080_001_07.pdf 6036
pdf 554 KB
0000000000000603660300110_001_07.pdf 6036
pdf 297 KB
Description Document Type Language
6036 Tender Specification
docx 28 KB
6036 Tender Specification
docx 41 KB
6036 Gr.2.STEP ifc 5.1 MB
6036 Gr.2.dxf dxf 466 KB
6036 Gr.2.eprt EPRT 570 KB
6036 Gr.2.igs txt 7.9 MB
Rohrschelle.DXF dxf 40 KB
Rohrschelle.EPRT EPRT 290 KB
Rohrschelle.STEP ifc 1.8 MB
6036 Gr.2.pdf pdf 2.2 MB
Rohrschelle.pdf pdf 1.2 MB
6036 Gr.3.DXF dxf 469 KB
6036 Gr.3.EPRT EPRT 560 KB
6036 Gr.3.STEP ifc 5.1 MB
6036 Gr.3.pdf pdf 2.2 MB
6036 Gr.4.DXF dxf 448 KB
6036 Gr.4.EPRT EPRT 573 KB
6036 Gr.4.STEP ifc 5.1 MB
6036 Gr.4.pdf pdf 2.3 MB
6036 Gr.1.DXF dxf 466 KB
6036 Gr.1.EPRT EPRT 594 KB
6036 Gr.1.igs txt 8.0 MB
6036 Gr.1.STEP ifc 5.1 MB
6036 Gr.1.PDF pdf 2.3 MB
6036_1225-050-xxxx-01.ies ies 82 KB
6036_1225-050-xxxx-01.ldt ldt 115 KB
6036_1235-050-xxxx-01.ies ies 15 KB
6036_1235-050-xxxx-01.ldt ldt 20 KB
6036_1248-050-xxxx-01.ies ies 15 KB
6036_1248-050-xxxx-01.ldt ldt 20 KB
6036_1225-050-xxxx-11.ies ies 35 KB
6036_1225-050-xxxx-11.ldt ldt 48 KB
6036_1235-050-xxxx-11.ies ies 87 KB
6036_1235-050-xxxx-11.ldt ldt 116 KB
6036_1248-050-xxxx-11.ies ies 90 KB
6036_1248-050-xxxx-11.ldt ldt 116 KB
247976_60361212-252-0121-01-5526.ies ies 81 KB
247976_60361212-252-0121-01-5526.ldt ldt 115 KB
247976_60361212-252-0121-01.uld uld 749 KB
6036_1212-252-xxxx-01.ies ies 81 KB
6036_1212-252-xxxx-01.ldt ldt 115 KB
247980_60361212-252-0121-11-5513.ies ies 34 KB
247980_60361212-252-0121-11-5513.ldt ldt 48 KB
247980_60361212-252-0121-11.uld uld 439 KB
6036_1212-252-xxxx-11.ies ies 34 KB
6036_1212-252-xxxx-11.ldt ldt 48 KB
251414_60361225-050-0121-01-3326.ies ies 82 KB
251414_60361225-050-0121-01-3326.ldt ldt 115 KB
251414_60361225-050-0121-01.uld uld 813 KB
251424_60361225-050-0121-11-3336.ies ies 35 KB
251424_60361225-050-0121-11-3336.ldt ldt 48 KB
251424_60361225-050-0121-11.uld uld 503 KB
251434_60361235-050-0121-01-2927.ies ies 15 KB
251434_60361235-050-0121-01-2927.ldt ldt 20 KB
251434_60361235-050-0121-01.uld uld 382 KB
251444_60361235-050-0121-11-2948.ies ies 87 KB
251444_60361235-050-0121-11-2948.ldt ldt 116 KB
251444_60361235-050-0121-11.uld uld 815 KB
251454_60361248-050-0121-01-2970.ies ies 15 KB
251454_60361248-050-0121-01-2970.ldt ldt 20 KB
251454_60361248-050-0121-01.uld uld 381 KB
251464_60361248-050-0121-11-2987.ies ies 90 KB
251464_60361248-050-0121-11-2987.ldt ldt 116 KB
251464_60361248-050-0121-11.uld uld 814 KB
257062_60361212-253-0121-01-5555.ies ies 81 KB
257062_60361212-253-0121-01-5555.ldt ldt 115 KB
257062_60361212-253-0121-01.uld uld 751 KB
6036_1212-053-xxxx-01.ies ies 81 KB
6036_1212-053-xxxx-01.ldt ldt 115 KB
257064_60361212-053-0121-01-5579.ies ies 81 KB
257064_60361212-053-0121-01-5579.ldt ldt 115 KB
257064_60361212-053-0121-01.uld uld 751 KB
257065_60361212-055-0121-01-5603.ies ies 81 KB
257065_60361212-055-0121-01-5603.ldt ldt 115 KB
257065_60361212-055-0121-01.uld uld 751 KB
257066_60361212-055-0121-11-5591.ies ies 34 KB
257066_60361212-055-0121-11-5591.ldt ldt 48 KB
257066_60361212-055-0121-11.uld uld 442 KB
6036_1212-055-xxxx-01.ies ies 81 KB
6036_1212-055-xxxx-01.ldt ldt 115 KB
6036_1212-053-xxxx-11.ies ies 34 KB
6036_1212-053-xxxx-11.ldt ldt 48 KB
6036_1212-055-xxxx-11.ies ies 34 KB
6036_1212-055-xxxx-11.ldt ldt 48 KB
6036_1212-253-xxxx-01.ies ies 81 KB
6036_1212-253-xxxx-01.ldt ldt 115 KB
257176_60361212-253-0121-11-5543.ies ies 34 KB
257176_60361212-253-0121-11-5543.ldt ldt 48 KB
257176_60361212-253-0121-11.uld uld 441 KB
257177_60361212-053-0121-11-5567.ies ies 34 KB
257177_60361212-053-0121-11-5567.ldt ldt 48 KB
257177_60361212-053-0121-11.uld uld 441 KB
6036_1212-253-xxxx-11.ies ies 34 KB
6036_1212-253-xxxx-11.ldt ldt 48 KB

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