Product Series RFID

R. STAHL's RFID readers type RFID were developed for safe industrial areas and are designed for panel mounting (version RDR) or as a tabletop device (version ADMITTO). The can read various types of MIFARE transponders. The data is transmitted via the RS-232 or USB interface either actively and open as ASCII code or via CRYPT protocol encrypted in response to a poll request. The RFID readers are compatible with the SHARK, MANTA, EAGLE and RAPTOR HMI device platforms. The devices with CRYPT protocol can be directly connected to Operator Interfaces (SERIES 200 and 300) with SPSPlus WIN, for the other SERIES the CRYPT protocol must be installed or programmed as a driver. The devices with ASCII protocol can be used with Operator Interfaces with Movicon. When operated with Panel PCs or PCs via Thin Clients or KVM systems, the PC's software has to process the data.

  • RFID readers for panel mounting or as tabletop device for safe industrial areas
  • Reads MIFARE transponder media (ISO 7816 or ISO 14443A)
  • Data transmission via RS-232 or USB interface with ASCII or CRYPT protocol (driver required)
  • Compatible with R. STAHL's SHARK, MANTA, EAGLE and RAPTOR HMI device platforms

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Product Series RFID

Art. No.: 263292 Product Type: RFID-ADMITTO-A-1200-USB-CDC
Card reader type: Proximity desktop card reader
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