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R. STAHL's Thin Clients are HMI products for the remote control of PCs or virtual workstations, for example via Ethernet and WLAN. The MANTA platform was developed for the pharmaceutical, life-science and fine chemical industries, and the EAGLE platform for machine operation and logistics. The SHARK platform is particularly suitable for rough ambient conditions and the oil and gas industry.

R. STAHL's Thin Clients are the most modern type of process visualisation in virtual networks. Each Thin Client, via IP addressing, provides flexible access to process automation, MES, ERP and other functions, providing a wide range of information on site. Software installation, upgrades and administration are carried out centrally and thus cost-effectively - they can easily be carried out during ongoing operations. Data communication uses Ethernet or WLAN via various protocols such as RDP and VNC. Our innovative REMOTE HMI FIRMWARE has been developed for process automation. It acts as an extra safeguard for data communication, supports redundancy concepts, simplifies administration and contains powerful diagnostic functions.

  • Flexible access from one operator station to one or more virtual or real workstations in a network
  • Uncomplicated commissioning of Thin Clients due to driverless "plug-and-play" on the host system
  • Maximum security and easy parameterisation with our proprietary REMOTE HMI FIRMWARE

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