Industrial Box PC

Our latest version of the REMOTE HMI Firmware was developed for highly secure and permanent process communication - AUTOMATIC RECONNECT, FALLBACK MECHANISM and ETHERNET REDUNDANCY as well as various error messages and diagnosis tools are integrated. To be able to benefit fully from the advantages of this industrial-grade firmware, from the field to the control room, we have now launched the IBPC-5x1 Box PC. This Thin Client for the control room has been configured with the Remote HMI Firmware, ensuring a high degree of communication security from the control room to the on-site Thin Client.

  • The IBPC-5x1 for the control room ensures secure process communication from the field to the control room
  • With integrated REMOTE Firmware on the basis of Windows® 10 IoT Enterprise LTSB (Microsoft support until 2026)
  • Integrated UWF and FORM filter
  • Powerful AMD dual core processors with 4 GB RAM
  • Dual-monitor operation and resolutions up to state-of-the-art Ultra-HD 4K

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Industrial Box PC

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