Industrial Combination Signal 110 dB (A) / 5 Joule Series YL50 (discontinued)

Yodalight range Multi-purpose audible and visual signalling device designed for use in industrial applications.

  • Max sound output 110 db (A) / 1 m
  • IP65 rated as standard
  • 5 Joule strobe
  • 32 selectable tones meeting international regulations
  • Flame retardant ABS enclosure
  • Stainless steel fixings
  • 2 stage alarm
  • Independently selectable second stagen
  • Lens available in six different colours
  • Low current consumptio

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40 Products

Art. No.: 212046 Product Type: YL50/L50/B/RF/UL
On request
Art. No.: 204619 Product Type: YL50/L50/R/RF/WR
On request
Art. No.: 209662 Product Type: YL50/D50/G/RF/UL
On request
Art. No.: 204815 Product Type: YL50/D50/A/RF/WR
On request
Art. No.: 212048 Product Type: YL50/D50/A/RF/WR/VDS
On request
Art. No.: 204821 Product Type: YL50/D50/B/RF/WR
On request
Art. No.: 205456 Product Type: YL50/L50/C/RF/UL
On request
Art. No.: 204823 Product Type: YL50/D50/C/RF/WR
On request
Art. No.: 212047 Product Type: YL50/N50/O/RF/UL
On request
Art. No.: 204825 Product Type: YL50/D50/G/RF/WR
On request


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