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What is Explosion Protection: Fundamentals of Explosion Protection

Fundamentals of explosion protection

What is explosion protection?

Explosion protection is the vital and crucial concept area of safety technology. Its primary function is to prevent explosions and to limit the hazardous effects, should they occur. The objective is the effective protection of people, property and the environment.

An explosive atmosphere can occur in various industries when dealing with combustibles in combination with atmospheric oxygen. This is why companies must carry out a risk assessment, and take suitable measures to protect people and environment against gas and dust explosions, in accordance with the German Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health (Betriebssicherheitsverordnung).

In order to ensure a high level of safety, legal guidelines and extensive standards on explosion protection exist worldwide. It is extremely important that international plant manufacturers and plant operators are aware of the relevant applicable specifications in Europe, North America as well as other countries.

R. STAHL informs, R. STAHL protects

R. STAHL has over decades of experience in explosion protection all over the world. The combination of consultation skills and expertise in providing solutions, technically advanced products and in-depth knowledge of global guidelines and certifications is unique. When it comes to explosion protection, you are safe with R. STAHL.

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