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A good isolator needs to be multi-talented. It has to provide reliable Ex i isolation, precisely transmit signals and accurately display error messages. Isolators also need to be long-lasting and easy to install. ISpac isolators from R. STAHL not only meet all of these requirements, they are also particularly compact and save space.

At only 12.5 mm wide, our new modules offer 1- or 2-channel connections. This saves up to 30 % more space, lowering the cost of cabinets. The modules are also particularly energy-efficient and suitable for use in a wide range of temperatures. Due to their wide range of potential applications and excellent compatibility with automation systems from well-known manufacturers, a new world of possibilities for the R. STAHL Ex i isolator range opens up.

Ex ISpac isolators products overview R. STAHL

COMPACT: Save 30 % space thanks to slim 2-channel modules

SAFE: Predominantly usable for SIL 2 or SIL 3

EFFICIENT: pac-Bus combines power supply & error message

SIMPLE ENGINEERING: Identical modules for all uses

EXPLOSION-PROOF: Perfect for hazardous areas & Zone 2

ROBUST: Developed and tested for 15 years of use

FUTUREPROOF: Can be combined with all existing modules


ISpac isolators from R. STAHL stand out thanks to their extremely robust design. They perform their tasks reliably, even when directly surrounded by machines, on ships, or in any high-vibration environment. ISpac isolators have been issued with a number of comprehensive international approvals, such as ATEX, IECEx, EAC, UL, FM, PESO, KOSHA. The Ex i interfaces are suitable for connection to field devices in Zones 0, 1, 20 and 21, as well as Class I/Division 1 and 2.

As well as significantly reducing the width of the isolator to just 12.5 mm, we have also expanded the range of functions performed by our isolators. Our comprehensive module range already covers a variety of applications and different uses, including functional safety (SIL). At the same time, we are continuously working to develop new functions without compromising on compatibility with the existing range.

With R. STAHL ISpac isolators, you are equipped for whatever the future brings.

Ex Compact R. STAHL

Save up to 30 % more space, even with 2-channel wiring.

Ex Versatile R. STAHL

Usable for a wide variety of signals.

Ex Efficient R. STAHL

Use a pac-Bus installation for combined power supply and error message display.

pac-Bus – it just clicks.

Insert, snap and done. R. STAHL's pac-Bus removes the need for single cabling. This innovative system makes it possible to quickly install up to 40 ISpac isolators in no time at all, without tools. All modules are supplied with power and a group error message display.


pac-Carrier – integration made easy.

High numbers of channels need easy-to-install, reliable solutions for control system connections. The pac-Carrier is robust, easy to use and globally unparalleled. This concept makes it possible to use all ISpac modules. Meaning that the wide range of ISpac products can be used.


Perfectly connected for HART communication.

HART communication is a possibility of using existing systems and sensors for Industry 4.0 and the IoT. Analogue ISpac isolators can transmit HART signals in both directions. R. STAHL offers a HART multiplexer. The multiplexer uses termination boards and pac-Carrier. This allows it to act as the link between the HART management system and field devices.

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