TD/PM Circle & H Identification Lighting System Series CHLITE (discontinued)

The CHLITE system provides an illuminated circle and H on the helicopter deck, corresponding to the existing helideck markers. The light elements inclusive the mounting plates are extremely thin (22 mm) for over-the-deck surface mounting and resistant to harsh environment and helicopter loads. The CHLITE system from Tranberg is fully compliant with CAP437, 7th Edition and confirmed by the Helicopter Certification Agency (HCA). The system guarantees a regular light element spacing, free from any junction boxes for the on deck mounting. The system is maintenance/inspection free. A double independent power supply circuit and LED bypass devices ensure, that a failure of a single LED has only a local effect. Cable routings on and under deck makes the system really flexible. If you want to upgrade your existing helideck or you need a complete new installation - this system will provide the perfect solution for your project!

  • Factory sealed LED lighting element
  • Easy to install: minimized installation and shut down time for the helideck
  • Extremely low profile (22 mm), under the required specifications
  • Versatile installation: Cable routing above deck or below deck
  • Anti-slip polysiloxane system coated stainless steel and high impact resistant composite PC provide a corrosion free solution for all decks
  • Anti-slip surface
  • No junction boxes on the surface of the helideck
  • Low power consumption
  • High reliability - maintenance free for all „on“ deck components
  • CAP437 Compliant 7th Edition with Amendment

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