Series 8570/12 (discontinued) 16 A plug

Series 8570/12 (discontinued) 16 A plug

The R. STAHL Series 8570/12 SolConeX plugs for Zone 1/21 are 3-, 4- or 5-pole versions up to 16 A. They can be plugged and unplugged simply and easily thanks to floating pins. The pivoting strain relief makes it easier to install the cable. Self-cleaning and corrosion-free plug pins made from high-quality materials ensure optimum electrical contact.

  • No impact of torsional forces from the wire on the seal
  • Full compatibility between SolConeX and CES devices
  • Variants for use in USA/Canada available on request
  • Large temperature range of use
  • High mechanical impact and shock resistance
  • Perfect protection against penetration of liquids and dusts
  • 3D data for download on the website

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