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We at R. STAHL are a part of the society in which we as an international company, contribute to and actively participate in. We constantly motivate our employees to contribute socially. "Voluntary commitment is an essential element of our society, without which many activities for the common good cannot be performed," explains Klaus Jäger, Head of HR. In appreciation and acknowledgement, we are awarded a gold badge of honour by the Bundesanstalt Technisches Hilfswerk (THW, Federal Agency for Technical Relief) for our work in this area.

At the same time, for many years now we have organised social project weeks for our trainees – for instance in the Waldenburg children's village, in nursing homes for the elderly and in facilities for the disabled. As part of our regular "Inventors' Days" in Waldenburg, we offer children and young people an enjoyable insight into the areas of mathematics, information technology, science and engineering (referred to as MINT in Germany, equivalent to STEM elsewhere). We also organise for instance MINTec workshops, events specially tailored to girls (Girls' Days), age-appropriate tours of business premises and internships.

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We not only help the children near our head office, but also support a non profit association – children's home in India. Our aim is to improve the living conditions of the roughly 25 children aged between two and 17 who live there in the long term and to make a contribution to their upbringing and education. We want to provide these young people opportunities for the future – right through to the possibility of a traineeship or a position at our subsidiary in India, R. STAHL (P) Limited. "We focus our social commitment specifically on selected projects. This ensures that our money is also spent wisely," explains Klaus Jäger.

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