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Wireless technology in hazardous areas

Industry 4.0 cannot be implemented in process plants without wireless technology. The main applications are in data transmission for mobile operating devices such as tablets and smartphones and in data acquisition for the efficient maintenance and optimisation of production plants. Special requirements include a large geographical area, demanding environmental conditions and explosion protection.

In addition to specific components, solutions are required to enable the flexible use of standard devices such as WLAN access points without Ex approval with the lowest possible functional limitations. 

A number of wireless solutions are available in the market, although most are not designed to be explosion-protected. R. STAHL is the ideal partner for your requirement of wireless system – or that specified by the IT department – suitable for use in potentially explosive atmospheres.. This is achieved by installing the relevant devices in the permitted enclosures or systems for hazardous areas. By using additional components such as antenna feedthroughs, pins for Gigabit Ethernet and the FO splicebox, there are no noticeable limitations of operation in potentially explosive atmospheres.

This type of explosion protection offers significant benefits:

  • High level of flexibility when selecting and combining the installed devices.
  • No need for another approval for a solution put together in this way.
  • Save time and money – an extremely positive effect, particularly with fast-paced wireless applications such as WLAN.

Overview of Our Wireless Solutions

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