Ex corporate governance practices R. STAHL

Corporate Governance Practices

The company implements all corporate governance practices required by law. In addition, reference must be made in particular to the current Code of conduct from 2016. It applies across the Group and its contents are trained worldwide. In 2018, all Employees across the world were instructed to sign in to comply with this code. The code of conduct is provided here. In addition, all Group employees were obliged, by their signature, to comply with the Code of Conduct.

In addition, once a year, all managerial staff in the R. STAHL Group must submit an individual, written declaration to the effect that they will neither become involved in, nor tolerate any form of corruption. This declaration also includes an obligation to fully comply with competition law.

Lastly, there are numerous standards, pertaining to Finance and IT in particular, that regulate organizational procedures within the Group.