Grounding Monitoring Device Series 8485

The grounding monitoring device ensures the electrostatic grounding of road tankers, rail cars and Big Bag (Rev. C) while loading flammable liquids and powder. The device provides a conductive connection to the ground and monitors in parallel the quality of the electrostatic grounding. This guarantees that the electrostatic charge remains at a safe level and that no explosion hazard is generated by uncontrolled energy discharge. The following recommendation requires grounding during loading and recommends interrupting loading in case of incorrect grounding: - CLC/TR 60079-32-1 recommendation for avoiding ignition hazards due to electrostatic charges. - TRBS 727 rules for avoiding ignition hazards as a result of electrostatic charges.

  • Continuous monitoring of correct earthing
  • Potential operator errors are prevented thanks to object detection (on truck)
  • Water-jet-proof IP65 stainless steel or aluminum enclosure
  • Up to four potential-free change-over contacts for signaling
  • Ambient temperature -55 °C to +60 °C
  • Auxiliary power: 24 V DC – 230 V AC
  • Parameterisation when enclosure is closed

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Grounding Monitoring Device Series 8485

Art. No.: 263091 Product Type: 8485/111-42
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