Ex secure simple reliable R. STAHL

Remote HMI V5 Firmware


The Remote V5 firmware was developed as a closed system and is based on the WINDOWS 10IOT Enterprise LTSB - making the system highly secure "SECURE" and providing support for the next 10 years. "SIMPLE" is the firmware because an app has been designed for each application, resulting in intuitive usability. We achieve the high RELIABLE RELIABILITY by integrating features such as Ethernet redundancy, automatic reconnect and a fallback mechanism, and many more.

This makes this firmware one of the most advanced and secure industrial security software ever.

Designed as a "closed system" with various write protection options for the SSD, the Remote V5 firmware provides maximum security. All virus scanners and security certificates are supported, making it easy to realise individual security concepts - and all this on Windows 10 IOT Enterprise, thus ensuring long-term support.


Ex closed system R. STAHL

Closed System

  • No access to Windows shell for users.
  • Different user passwords and administrator passwords.

Ex windows 10 iot enterprise R. STAHL

Based on Windows 10 Iot Enterprise Ltsb

  • Long-term support (10 years by Microsoft)
  • Microsoft: No feature updates.

Ex write protection R. STAHL

Write Protection for

The Unified Write Filter (UWF) ensures that during operations nothing can be written onto the SSD, meaning that no user or hacker-attack can corrupt the device image





Ex customised solutions R. STAHL


Customised Security Concepts

Support of all virus scanners and security certificates

A simple operating structure with 1-click operation and the focus on relevant content make working with the Remote V5 firmware extremely easy. The comprehensive app concept for settings, connections and the password management makes operation extremely easy - no previous knowledge or training sessions are required.



Ex industrial grade firmware R. STAHL


Ingenious Menu Structure


  • Only those functions / items relevant to the current configuration are displayed
  • Surface optimised for touchscreen operation
  • Integrated on-screen keyboard
  • 1-click operation without many sub-menus



Ex intuitive app concept R. STAHL


Intuitive App Concept


  • Simple start-up of parameterized applications in kiosk mode
  • Users cannot access Windows level
  • Examples: Citrix, DRDC, web browser, CCTV app, ERP system and many more



Highly reliable - redundant connections via Ethernet and WiFi guarantee a highly fail-safe system with the Remote V5 firmware. The immediate, automatic reconnection function in the case of a connection failure ensures permanent communication supported by a back-up server that can be parameterised.



Ex ethernet redundancy R. STAHL

Ethernet Redundancy

  • Supports cable redundancy with dual Ethernet interfaces via copper or FO
  • Support of WiFi as second or first channel

Ex automatic reconnect R. STAHL

Automatic Reconnect


The connection for RDP and VNC is permanently monitored and re-established in the case of failure

Ex fallback system R. STAHL


In the event of a host/server failure, a parameterized backup server takes over.



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