A Pinnacle of Engineering Excellence - R. STAHL's Custom Solution for an unmanned offshore platform in the Middle East

When it comes to addressing complex industrial requirements with tailor-made solutions, R. STAHL is the unmatched selection. R. STAHL has once again reaffirmed its pioneering reputation by successfully executing a ground-breaking project. This project involved the creation of a unique Ex d and Ex e combination panel, specifically designed for an unmanned offshore platform in the Middle East. This remarkable feat of engineering showcases R. STAHL's exceptional expertise in providing customized and intricate solutions for industries.

The Custom Solution Project at a Glance:

At the heart of this innovative endeavour is a 6.3-meter-long panel with a specially designed mounting structure and canopy. This extraordinary panel houses a 600A/415VAC Main Distribution Board with motorized Incomers and Bus coupler breakers, all controlled via an Auto Changeover Scheme (ATS) using "Advanced Numerical Relays" and Momentary Paralleling Logic. Notably, both the Main Distribution Board and different Sub Distribution Boards are mounted on a single structure, cleverly positioned back to back to maximize space efficiency for the end user.

Ex Belbazem custom solution R. STAHL

Highlighting the Unique Features:

  • A One-for-All Solution: The panel represents a compact design, combining the Main Distribution Board and Sub Distribution Boards into one comprehensive solution.
  • Complete Load Management: It is an all-in-one frame catering to all electrical loads, a testament to its exceptional design.
  • Ex d & Ex e Combination: The panel seamlessly integrates Ex d and Ex e components, ensuring the highest safety standards.
  • Impressive Tonnage: Weighing a staggering 13 tonnes, this panel is engineered to handle the most demanding operational requirements in hazardous areas
  • Front and Rear Operation: With Main Distribution Board on the front side and Sub Distribution Boards on the rear side, it offers unmatched convenience.
  • Certified Excellence: Certified by IECEx ATEX for Zone 1, this panel is rated for T4 ambient temperatures from 0°C to +50°C and boasts an impressive IP 65 protection rating.
  • Robust and Sturdy Design: The robust design and well-engineered mounting structure provide exceptional durability and stability.
  • Protection Against the Elements: The well-designed canopy ensures the station remains protected from challenging environmental conditions.
  • Key Functionality: The panel's primary function is the Auto Changeover and Momentary Paralleling function, adding a layer of sophistication to its capabilities.
  • Reliable Protection: The use of IED relays ensures fault protection and I/C bus coupler closing logic are managed with precision.
  • High Power Handling: The Main DB handles a formidable 600 amps of 415VAC, 3-phase 4-wire system with a short-circuit rating of 25kA/1sec, while Sub DBs manage 110 VAC/230 VAC, 3-phase 4-wire system/1-phase 2-wire system with a short-circuit rating of 10kA/1sec.
  • Impressive Dimensions: Standing at around 20 feet in length and 8 feet in height, this panel is a testament to R. STAHL's ability to handle even the most extensive and complex projects.

This Custom Solution exemplifies R. STAHL's commitment to pushing the boundaries of engineering and delivering solutions that are unparalleled in their complexity and customization. The successful execution of this project underscores R. STAHL's position as a leader in the industry, consistently setting new standards for innovation and excellence. When it comes to tackling the most intricate and specialized challenges, R. STAHL is the partner of choice for industries worldwide.