CCTV System Finder

Our Open CCTV System has been developed to enable us to select the optimum CCTV system solution for your production facility from the great variety of available cameras.

To be able to meet your individual requirements, we have prepared the following questionnaire. On the basis of your answers, we will submit a non-binding offer or CCTV system proposal at short notice.

Filling in this questionnaire does not imply any obligation.


CCTV-System Finder EN

CCTV System-Finder
1. Please state the industry/application the CCTV system will be used in?*
2. Do you need a "Complete CCTV System Solution" for hazardous areas / mixed areas, or are you looking for cameras / components only?*
3. How many cameras (approx.) do you need for the CCTV system?*
4. Do you need video recording?*
5. Which camera technology is required for the CCTV system?*
6. Please state the ambient operating temperatures of the area the cameras will be installed in?*
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7. Which type of camera(s) do you need?*
8. For which hazardous area do you plan the CCTV system?*
9. Which country-specific certificates are required for CCTV system's intended use?*
10. Are you already in contact with R. STAHL, or are you a new customer?*
If you are a "new customer", how did you hear about R. STAHL / who referred you to R. STAHL?
Contact details
If you would like to submit addtional information on a project, please send an e-mail to [email protected] stating the name of the project