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Sealing the spark

The intrinsic safety 'i' type of protection plays an important role in process automation. A specific energy is required to ignite an explosive atmosphere, and this is exactly what is prevented. In an intrinsically safe electrical circuit, ignition is not caused by an opening or closing spark, or by thermal impact, rather because of certain current and voltage values are not exceeded, and the storage of electrical energy is limited.

The intrinsic safety type of protection offers a range of benefits which reduce the costs associated with acquisition (CAPEX) and in particular during operation (OPEX):

  • No need for expensive, heavy Ex-d-enclosure
  • Live working (hot work)
  • Modifications and maintenance work during operation (hot swap)
  • Explosion-protected cabling

As a leading manufacturer of automation technology for potentially hazardous atmospheres, R. STAHL has a wide range of Ex-i-interface solutions in various versions for specific requirements and applications which can be effectively combined.

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