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Reliable signalling devices for extreme environments
Clear, reliable signals protect people, machinery and the environment. R. STAHL is a leading supplier of signal units for a huge variety of audible, visual or combined alarms. Our control devices for alarm systems are developed and produced to rigorous quality standards and can perform many different functions in numerous different industries.

R. STAHL capitalises on its many years of experience to develop signalling devices that provide appropriate hazard warnings for multiple hazard levels across a huge variety of different applications.
These devices issue an alert by means of highly visible visual signals and/or audible signals chosen from a wide selection of different tones tailored to the requirements of various different countries.
Their alarm signals are issued in the event of hazards that arise in industrial and production plants, during mining operations and when operating cranes, for example.
This makes them a valuable asset for protecting your systems and employees and ensuring that the quality of your products is not impaired. These devices can be used not only in hazardous areas but also in public and industrial environments.

  • Control devices for alarm systems for extreme environments: Audible (sounder), visual (light) or combined
  • Many different uses: Manual call point for fire applications, panic alarm, a safety measure for craneways, production plants, mining operations, and many more
  • For hazardous, industrial and public areas

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