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EXpressure – revolutionary Ex d cabinets

The new EXpressure cabinets are revolutionising the science of explosion protection. They are equipped with grids made from stainless steel wire mesh in the walls through which pressure flows in the event of an explosion. The wire mesh absorbs the heat energy and the pressure dissipates. Thus, the pressure inside the enclosure is reduced to less than 1 bar. The wall thicknesses are reduced to just 2 mm. This makes EXpressure Ex d cabinets considerably lighter.

The innovative enclosure design offers additional options for control solutions in hazardous areas. As a machine, system and plant manufacturer or as a user of process systems, you will benefit from the various advantages of the revolutionary EXpressure technology:

Ex protection expressure enclosure R. STAHL


  • Flexibly retrofittable
  • Upgrading is possible without the need for
    major conversion measures
  • To meet all your current and future needs

Digitalisation? No problem with EXpressure!

The industry has been exploring the possibilities offered by digital plant structures for a few years. The aim is to operate plants in a safe, cost-effective manner. In order to make this possible, they must be designed and operated efficiently, continuously modernised and expanded. With EXpressure, you can be sure that you have a future-proof solution that can be flexibly retrofitted. At the same time, upgrading is possible without the need for major conversion measures.

EXpressure enclosures are ideal for making state-of-the-art digital industrial electronics available for use even in hazardous areas. They allow you to use your preferred network technology – be that routers, switches, LTE and 5G technology or protocol converters – in hazardous areas easily and safely. As a result, you can rest assured that all your current and future needs will be met.

Save time and money during engineering:
The new EXpressure technology guarantees significant time and money savings even during the planning phase. You may easily transfer the existing control systems from non-hazardous industrial areas directly to EXpressure without the need for major modifications – and you can immediately use the cabinet in hazardous areas. In this way, there is no need for the cost-intensive development of new solutions for hazardous areas.

EXpressure enables easy project engineering of explosion-protected control systems and distribution boards. Instead of dividing the overall electrical function between a number of enclosures, a single, large flameproof enclosure is now sufficient for the entire cabinet. Expensive mechanical connections and elaborate wiring between individual enclosures are unnecessary. In addition, you can adopt industrial circuit diagrams for EXpressure. Aside from shorter engineering times, expenditure for installation is also significantly lower.

Last-minute changes during the project period and later retrofitting and upgrading can be planned and implemented more easily. You reduce expenditure during the entire project period and enjoy greater flexibility.

Save space – with EXpressure:
The space-saving EXpressure enclosure concept provides you with a more compact machine and system design. Now you need just one Ex d cabinet for your control system. This EXpressure cabinet has a significantly smaller installation surface than the enclosure combination comprising multiple single enclosures.

Due to an up to 25% reduced installation surface, the control system can now also be installed in confined spaces, in emergency escape route areas and on oil rigs. In addition, it is possible to install frequency transmitters and transformers in an EXpressure cabinet

New ist the expansion of the currently largest EXpressure Ex d cabinet (1000 x 1400 x 700 mm) by a winged-door variant. The double-winged doors with centre bar are designed so that the door frame and bar can be easily removed. This makes equipping and installation easier and simplifies connection and maintenance work. The mounting plates can also be fully removed from the cabinets.

EXpressure – your lighter alternative for cabinets:
Revolutionary EXpressure technology results in enclosure designs that are significantly more compactand lightweight. This means that EXpressure is up to 50% lighter – with the same interior volume – compared to conventional Ex d solutions. This reduction in weight is important, for example, when used offshore, on ships or in lifts.   

EXpressure is the perfect solution whenever you need to bear in mind weight restrictions for your installations. This is because EXpressure cabinets provide more available load capacity for your application. This means that you can benefit from the very latest technology with reduced outer dimensions and a lower weight. You will also have no restrictions on the built-in components you require.

And the best part is that you can reduce your costs along with the weight. The reduction in weight will also reduce your logistics costs. You can also take advantage of easier handling and reduced mounting and installation costs.

EXpressure = reduces operating costs + improved productivity:
The use of EXpressure allows you to achieve lower operating costs – the control system installed inside the EXpressure cabinet can be accessed easily and quickly for inspections or maintenance work. You have an immediate overview of the structure and wiring. Maintenance work can be carried out more quickly and more safely. This enables you to reduce downtime and increase both the availability of your system and your productivity.

The new EXpressure technology enhances the range of use of the "flameproof enclosure" type of protection to include large-volume cabinets. As a result, EXpressure is an alternative to Ex p pressurized enclosures. Comparing the two, it is clear that EXpressure does not require the enclosure to be flushed with inert gas in a lengthy process, thereby also eliminating the need for subsequent safety inspections. The advantages are most evident during commissioning after inspection, maintenance and repair work. It reduces your workload and expenditure, allowing you to benefit from significant improvements in your system's productivity.


Ex cost saving R. STAHL

Cost-saving due to fast engineering:

Significantly shorter project turnaround time
Ex improved productivity R. STAHL

Lighter, small footprint, more compact:

Easy handling + improved productivity
Ex easily adaptable R. STAHL

Can be retrofitted flexibly and is future-proof:

Control unit is easily adaptable


EXpressure safely dissipates explosion pressure in enclosures outwards via flow channels in multi-layer stainless steel wire cloths. After an explosion in the enclosure, the controlled gas flow and heat absorption reduces the internal pressure build-up, thanks to these special wire cloth elements. The maximum internal pressure in the EXpressure enclosure amounts to less than 1 bar. As a result, it provides protection with a significantly reduced wall thickness. Owing to these changes in design, you have more installation space available.

Ex pressure relief concept graphic R. STAHL


What makes EXpressure revolutionary?

With EXpressure, hazardous explosion pressure resulting from an explosion escapes safely, controlled by the patented grid system. As a result, EXpressure can be manufactured from thin-walled stainless steel panels. This makes EXpressure a new and innovative technology that would revolutionizes the ex protection scenario.

Is EXpressure suitable for the Ex area applications?

EXpressure is certified as an "Ex d flameproof enclosure." Therefore, it is suitable for applications in Zone 1 and Zone 2 hazardous areas.

What are the special features of the EXpressure construction design?

The advanced design enables fast project engineering and production of explosion-protected control panels and distribution boards. The complete control equipment is easily built in a single cabinet. A large number of single enclosures for the control panel structure is no longer required.

What are the specific effects of the pressure reduction?

The unique EXpressure principle makes an impact on the construction design of the enclosure. Substantially thinner wall thicknesses are available (starting from a wall thickness of 2 mm for enclosures with a dimension of 300 x 400 x 200 mm, instead of up to 30 mm). A weight saving of up to 50% is possible as a result of this reduction in wall thickness.

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