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The Experts in Explosion Protection

For the last 80 years of our 130 year company history, R. STAHL has had a major impact in the sector of explosion protection. Safety standards create a challenge for us to not only comply but to set new standards of our own.

The R. STAHL brand is synonymous with the very highest quality and demanding solutions. Your safety is our reality.

The product range within R. STAHL is vast and continually being reviewed and expanded as necessary. The four product areas that we cover are: Switchgear, Automation, Lighting and System Solutions. We have an excellent onsite assembly and test facility centrally based in Birmingham, UK, where we can build and customise products.

Our head quarters are based in Waldenburg, Germany, although as a subsidiary, we operate within the UK alone.

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Ex LED safe episode 2 R. STAHL
EXplorers Ep2: Sportsmanship collides with cutting-edge LED-techn. – tubular light fittings R. STAHL

R. STAHL is proud to be FPAL registered as a supplier to oil & gas buyers when awarding contract http://www.fpal.com/ or purchase orders. FPAL participants are made up of Registered Suppliers and Purchasing Subscribers. FPAL has around 2400 suppliers on the database and 80 purchasing organisations. For your ease of reference, our FPAL registration number is 10040418.

Registration to The Quality Standard was orginally awarded to R. STAHL Limited in June 1992 by UKAS as acknowledgement of our high standards. These include fulfilling customers' quality requirements , following applicable regulatory requirements, enhancing customer satisfaction and acheiving continual performance improvement in pursuit of these objectives. Registration to The Quality Standard has been maintained up to the present day with the current ceritficate of registration to ISO 9001:2008 valid up to September 2018.

Certificate Number: FM 20682.