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Secure Grounding Systems for hazardous areas

Safe Electrostatic Grounding in Hazardous Areas? Only with Grounding Systems by R. STAHL.

Uncontrolled electrostatic discharges in potentially explosive areas are sadly an often-ignored source of ignition. This is especially true in situations where liquids and solids are handled, from stirring and mixing to filling tanks in loading stations. All of these activities contain ignition danger. This safety issue is particularly highlighted in demanding hazardous areas in harsh working environments.

The Solution? Specialised grounding systems from R. STAHL. This guarantees that electrostatic charges are prevented from reaching a critical level. Only a combination of grounding clamp, cable, and earth monitoring device can ensure that a safe grounding is established for the entire duration of your work processes.

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For Every Process, There Is a Perfect Grounding System

As a leading supplier of explosion-protected products and ground monitoring devices, R. STAHL offers custom solutions, tailor-made for your unique application. With international certifications and approvals, R. STAHL also guarantees that different legal framework conditions are taken into account.

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Tank Wagons

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Barrels, IBC und Tank Containers

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Multi-point grounding of systems and containers

Prevent Mistakes with R. STAHL‘s Grounding Monitoring Devices

R. STAHL 8485 series grounding systems check the quality of the grounding connection and recognise if the grounding clamp has been properly attached to the truck. This prevents inadvertently attaching it elsewhere, for example the loading device. You can find out more about the grounding principles here.

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