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Ex Thomas Wittek Managing Director R. STAHL

New Managing Director

Thomas Wittek appointed as R. STAHL PRIVATE LIMITED Managing Director

We are pleased to inform you that R. STAHL AG has appointed Thomas Wittek as Managing Director and Board Member of R. STAHL PRIVATE LIMITED, INDIA, effective 1st March, 2019. Thomas Wittek succeeds...

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Ex Paul van Hinsberg R. STAHL

Growing energy requirements

New flame proof equipment from R. STAHL

What solutions are offered by the company catering to industrial sector?
R. STAHL is a leading supplier of explosion protection electrical and instrumentation products and solutions. And when it comes to system specific safety to...

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Ex Ramakrishnan occupational safety health R. STAHL

Director operations talks about 5 key ways

To unlock the doors of occupational saftey and health

Occupational Safety & Health (OSH) stretches beyond the boundaries of office walls, enhances the psychological connect of employees to the organization and is a clear differentiator in bringing about...

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