Growing energy requirements - interview with Paul van Hinsberg


What solutions are offered by the company catering to industrial sector?

R. STAHL is a leading supplier of explosion protection electrical and instrumentation products and solutions. And when it comes to system specific safety to meet complex requirements, we are the market leaders in providing project engineering for customer specific flame proof protection. We provide incredibly reliable protection for people, machinery and the environment. Our expertise in industrial safety cuts across diverse industrial segments such as oil & gas, chemical, marine & ship building, pharmaceutical, food & beverage to name a few. In specific industries such as Chemical and petrochemical, crude oil, natural gas extraction, pharmaceutical, paints, food & beverage - gases, vapors, mist and dust are generated during the production processes. When these mix with the oxygen in the air, it creates an explosive atmosphere and ignition may result in catastrophic damages.

R. STAHL's comprehensive portfolio comprises of 7,000 products such as

  • Lighting

  • Automation

  • Installation and Control Equipment

  • Operating and Monitoring Systems (HMI)

  • Camera Systems

  • Signalling devices and alarms

All our products have international certifications such as ATEX, IECEX and national approvals such as PESO (selected products) and KLPL.


What evolutions have you witnessed in Indian Industrial sector when it comes to safety?

As the world's energy requirements continue to grow, the need for flame proof systems inherently grows as these requirements are met by natural gas and crude oil. R. STAHL being an integral specialist in this domain “Energy sector will hold center stage among growth drivers of economy „has the most fitting and pertinent offerings in anti-explosion product range. From a regulatory paradigm, explosions in various countries have prompted governments to introduce higher safety standards and tougher explosion protection laws and regulations. With a robust portfolio of offerings in the form of consultation, services and products, R. STAHL offers its customers protection for both people and systems hardware. The growing global population has led to an increasing demand for food which has largely contributed to the growth of food and beverage industries. We need a catalyst line here to connect growing FMCG needs and the dust generated in these production units. R. STAHL provides dust explosion protection solutions for these applications. In the current scenario, pharmaceutical companies are not only conducting research into new active ingredients, but they also try to implement and optimize existing processes in many countries across the globe, ensuring that these processes comply with all the applicable regulations.

It goes without saying that, besides considerations of product quality and purity, system safety is also of utmost important. R. STAHL components have been developed for environments specific to the pharmaceutical industry such as clean rooms. They satisfy even the most stringent safety and hygiene requirements, and also have ATEX and IECEx certification for Zones 1 and 2, as well as NEC certification for Class I, Divisions 1 and 2. We have the national certificate PESO on selected products.


What opportunity does the company envisage in manufacturing sector with the Indian Government’s emphasis to bring sustainability & efficiency through the launch of 100 smart cities?

Industry 4.0 will be a key differentiator in an organization’s success. First movers in driving this revolution are likely to be marching ahead with revenue gains of more than 30% and cost reduction of more than 30% at the same time. The approach includes developing platforms such as PLM and MES to stay closer to the customers. Digital integration with customer by creating closer and far impactful relationships and using data as a tool to sharpen responsiveness and customer services are Fundamental levers of the Industry 4.0. Within the next few years, Industry 4.0 will become a hygiene to compete and is potentially likely to be a barometer for investor funding for not just incubating new businesses but also sustaining existing ones.

EX 4.0 solutions from R. STAHL are catalyzing transformation through highly advanced technological solutions suited to meet all the requirements of the 21st century and enable remote monitoring, remote diagnostics and remote control, as well as big data for optimizing processes and systems. They are not just built to resist external hazardous environmental influences but are most reliable, intelligent and efficient to support the 4th Industrial Revolution led by the Internet.


What are the services offered by the company in lighting segment?

R. STAHL offers a wide range of flame proof lighting solutions such as, general lighting, floodlights, compact lights, hand lamps or emergency lighting systems, tubular lighting, pendant lighting, linear lighting and many more. We manage the entire project lifecycle, from the design stage to the manufacturing stage, to produce bespoke Ex lighting, custom lighting systems and complex emergency lighting systems (central battery units), and offer a comprehensive service in this field. Explosion- protected LED solutions from R. STAHL: Long-life, efficient and innovative.

R. STAHL has extensive expertise in lighting design, explosion-proof light fittings and LED technology for hazardous areas and harsh environments. This makes us a well-qualified, flexible partner for creating modern lighting solutions with particularly low energy consumption and minimal maintenance requirements. We offer solutions in the form of sustainable energy and also create value for every ounce of customer investment.


What are the major technological innovations you are bringing to the world market this year?

We are very serious when it comes to innovation and this is palpable in the processes that we have instilled and the results that we have reaped. R. STAHL PRIVATE LIMITED has the largest R&D center that is similar to our growing global population has led to an increasing demand for food which has largely contributed to the growth of food and beverage industries. We need a catalyst line here to connect growing FMCG needs and the dust generated in these production units. a minimum lifetime of 30 years – yes, that’s a minimum! Maintenance is not a concern anymore to the customers. We do not compromise on quality and value to our customers. A significant launch is the new R. STAHL EXpressure technology that safely dissipates explosion pressure in control boxes, power distribution boards and other enclosures via flow channels in multi-layer stainless steel wire clothes.

If explosion pressure increases from 7 bar to 12 bar, it has to be contained in a conventional flameproof enclosure while the maximum inner pressure in an EXpressure enclosure is substantially less than 1 bar! If previously, a wall thickness of 10 to 20 mm was required, EXpressure enclosures can do the same thing with walls that are approximately 3 mm thick. The compact construction design of EXpressure enclosures makes significantly lighter and slimmer solutions possible. These result in savings of approximately 30 to 50 % in weight and 25% in outer dimensions when compared to conventional switchgear and control gear assemblies.

We are also launching this month at Achema 2018, the new slim line series of ISpac isolator system. First in line are switching repeaters, transmitter supply units and digital outputs for controlling solenoid valves. With a width of 12.5 mm, the new dual-channel modules save up to 30% space in the control cabinet. This also means a reduction in installation cost, as less space means a significant increase in signal density. Also, R. STAHL Camera Systems BU has designed a new compact full HD camera for visual process surveillance in hazardous areas Zone 1 and 21. Available with 3x and 10x zoom, the surveillance cameras feature state-of-the-art video functions for universal application in the oil and gas industry as well as in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries. It is the most cost effective solution that reduces the burden of financial stress when planning to install powerful video surveillance.


How would you differentiate Indian energy markets as compared to global energy markets?

India stands third among 40 countries in Renewable Energy Country Attractiveness Index survey done by EY, on back of strong focus by the government on promoting sustainable energy. More than 250 global and domestic companies have committed to generate200 plus GW of solar, wind, mini-hydel and biomass-based power in India over the next decade. The initiative would entail an investment of about US$ 310–350 billion.The country has seen 3.44 per cent of total FDI inflows in the power sector in the last 15 years. The Government of India has released its roadmap to achieve 175 GW capacity in renewable energy by 2022, which includes 100 GW of solar power and 60 GW of wind power.

The 2026 forecast for India's non-hydro renewable energy capacity has been increased to 155 GW from 130 GW on the back of more than expected solar installation rates and successful wind energy auctions. India could become the world's first country to use LEDs for all lighting needs by 2019, thereby saving Rs 40,000 crore (US$ 23 billion) on an annual basis. Energy market though recorded only a 2.46% contribution to country’s GDP in FY17 as against 19.1% in Norway and 5.9% in the US. However, it is for certain that the energy sector will be on an upswing and will hold center stage among the different growth drivers of our economy.


What are your expansion plans in India with the government’s ‘Make in India’ program?

Currently, we do have a state-of-the-art factory at the Indian Headquarters in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. We are further expanding our current capacities to meet the requirements of India, ME & APAC. We are positively driving towards 25% growth this year whilst supporting the make in India campaign.


What is your outlook for 2018-19 fiscal for the power segment?

2018-19 will be an exciting and challenging year for the energy market. The industry is going through asignificant transformation. The potential growth levers for the industry also come along with competitive intensity at both market and supply sides in factors such as fuel, logistics, finances and manpower. The country is poised to become the world's first nation to use LEDs for all lighting needs by 2019, thereby saving Rs 40,000 crore (US$ 6.23 billion) on an annual basis. The government’s initiatives such 10 year tax exemption for solar energy projects in order to achieve the country’s renewable energy targets of adding 175 GW of renewable energy is a positive stroke to the power segment. R. Stahl with the widest range of offering will continue to be a dominant player in the entire energy sector with increasing customizations and focus to build anti- explosion technologies for tomorrows!